Redesigning your outdoor space to suit modern trends can be the next big step you need, to achieve that dream patio. If you’ve found yourself drawn to contemporary patio designs for your patio, there’s never a better time to explore all the options you have available to you. A well-designed patio is alluring to spend time in and great for socializing with friends and loved ones.

The outer ambiance and natural ardor that comes with it make it critical to plan your space objectively. In this guide, we’ll explore various contemporary patio designs to achieve an enviable patio space.


A set of outdoor tables and chairs is placed in the courtyard, just facing the sea


Important checklist for planning your contemporary patio space setup


A well-laid-out patio design is a product of proper planning, thus before you embark on a redesigning task, ensure you have the following aspects figured out. This will help to ensure a seamless patio design process.

Figure out how you want the space to be used:

When you think about spending time on your patio, do you imagine yourself relaxing or do you think about dining and sharing jokes over drinks? All of these needs have distinct functionality; hence they require different furniture types to make it suit your needs.

Think about how many people will be using the space frequently, either for a gathering of an intimate few or a larger gathering of family and friends. Your contemporary furniture choice could range from a simple 8-piece sofa set to as much as a 15-piece sofa set for your conversation zone.

Aesthetic floor tiling:

The contemporary feel of your space will also largely depend on the kind of materials that you’re styling your patio with. Floor tiling is an important highlight of your patio space and there are loads of options to choose from. Options such as outdoor porcelain tiles, patio tiles, and paving slabs, are the most common.

Choose from a color range of white, grey, and dark-colored tiles and you can spruce up with colorful tiles on specific spots for an aesthetic touch. Tiles are also great for zoning and defining areas on your patio. Grey tiles also range from dark to light grey and can be a great accent backdrop for furniture pieces. The calm hue of the color can also impact your overall outdoor experience.

Green landscaping:

Greenery is a classy highlight of trendy contemporary outdoor décor. For a beautiful patio, think about how green landscaping can impact the look and feel of your patio. Well-trimmed grassy trails lining your patio in a matrix pattern, or an elevated patio space with sprawling carpet grass are gorgeous ways to make your patio come alive.

It plays an important part in your patio layout and gives your space an aesthetic appeal regardless of its size. It also contributes to the natural feel of your space and makes it inviting to enjoy the bliss that comes with the outdoor air.

There are various options to explore with green plants in your space, whether you work with settling your patio in a garden space, creating a concrete planting area, or planting flowers on the edges of your patio; all can contribute significantly to your outdoor ambiance. Alternatively, you can with planters and plant holders if you don’t have the luxury of space for a direct planting area.

Furniture materials:

A variety of outdoor furniture material types characterize contemporary space designs. Materials ranging from steel-framed sofas to rattan, wicker, glass, to wood can add a contemporary feel to your space. other options could include a concrete framed seating area and foam cushions for comfortable seating.

Fireplace and firepit:

Contemporary patio designs come with a range of versatile warming options that you may choose from. These include fire pits, fire tables, and fireplaces, and whichever you choose, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome of your space. So here, you’ve got to decide the kind of warming unit you want for your space.

A modern fireplace can scale the look of your outdoor space, and you can go as far as choosing units that can be smartly controlled with the push of a button, or from a remote device. Be sure to purchase one that’s designed for outdoor use, or place it in a shaded area of your patio.

Want a less-imposing unit? A fire pit or fire table can also be an exciting option, go for a propane fire pit in any shape of choice; either round, square, or rectangular depending on how you plan to pair with other furniture. Column fire pits are also nice to have and can be positioned in strategic parts of your patio to supply warmth. Some contemporary fire pit designs have a faux slab-like surface that makes it blend naturally into your space.

Poolside or fountain layout:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your poolside or fountain area as part of your contemporary space design. The ambiance around a beautiful fountain or a calm poolside can improve your relaxation times if you choose to set up your furniture pieces around it.

Whether you’re working with sofas with chaises, lounge chairs, or bistro sets, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. This area is a perfect spot in your home to host guests for parties and enjoy happy times with loved ones.

Decide on your choice of shed:

If you’ve established your need or love for a shed on your patio, then you should decide on what kind of shed you want. A variety of shed options are available; these include roof-top extensions, temporary shed installations, canopies, and trellis sheds.

Trellis sheds or pergolas are a beautiful highlight of contemporary patio spaces that makes your outdoor space feel homey and classy. You can get an artisan to construct one, go on a DIY project (if you can), or purchase ready-made ones from manufacturers.

A combination of wooden trellis and fabrics atop it helps to retain the feeling of privacy and keep out the direct impact of sunlight without missing out on the available daylight during the day. This unit can up the worth of your property and also help to ensure you have a space to get some fresh air without being exposed to the scorching heat of the sun.

If you don’t have the luxury of space on your patio and would still love a covered space, an awning can be a perfect option of choice. Often easy to install, it provides sufficient covering for a small space where you can easily relax with a drink and book in hand. They’re also perfect for adding an aesthetic touch to your space, as you can choose a color that suits your overall outdoor décor or choose a color that works as an accent against a plain backdrop.

If you prefer a simpler alternative, an outdoor umbrella can equally do the job, as there are no hard and fast rules to your choice of shed.

Entertainment area:

Contemporary patio design often incorporates entertainment areas into the space design. A variety of options are available to explore when it comes to creating functional entertainment areas. A modern space featuring an outdoor kitchen, for instance, will be fitted with details such as an oven, grills, and storage cabinets for a holistic experience.

Others may feature an outdoor bar and a standalone grill oven, where friends and family can have fun over steaks and drinks. There are so many options by which you could create your ideal entertainment area. Don’t hesitate to create an entertainment area that suits your needs and style.

Privacy wall:

Nothing beats a solo evening enjoyed in the privacy of your patio. Contemporary patios can work with a variety of elements including plants to achieve a privacy wall. For instance, if you have a pergola installed, allowing running plants to grow on the sides and roof can be a game-changer. Alternatively, you may choose to plant tall shrub plants on a vertical line on the end of your patio with the branches and leaves providing all the privacy you need.

Otherwise, you may install picket fences with running plants to make the space look stunning and private. For an extra modern touch, curtains are also great and versatile. On some days you may want it down for warmth and at other times, you may tie up their ends to give your patio a beachy semi-open feel.

Plank walls are also beautiful and artistic, and can be constructed with inches of space in between for a partial see-through effect. This method is great for garden patios and ensures the free flow of air from all sides.


the outdoor patio is warm with green trees and chairs




Designing a contemporary patio space of choice is an exciting task that can be done with little to no help. Once you’re sure of how you want the space to be used, don’t hesitate to install the perfect outdoor furniture to serve you. Don’t forget to prioritize clean lines and fine textures for the best outcome.