How do you determine the best furniture pieces to settle for when you have a wide patio area to get creative with? Most people prefer to have something different from their interior décor, and that’s okay. It makes it easy to have another haven outdoors where you can get some fresh air or spend time with your family in the backyard.

To decorate your space, it’s important to think deeply about how you’d like to use the space—as a private family dining area, a place to host guests and friends, or as a personal secret hideaway if you live alone. Whatever way you want the space to feel and look, it would require you to make plans for it. Planning makes it easy to determine the best furniture pieces to achieve the look, style, and comfort you want outdoors. What are the things you need to consider before buying that outdoor furniture? You’re about to find out.


Important Tips to Note When Buying Outdoor Furniture


Looking to revamp your outdoor space to meet your taste and style, just the way you pictured in your head? Awesome! Before you start to purchase anything because they’re picture-perfect or great to own, paying attention to these details will help you get value for your money.


A sunny day in a beautiful outdoor patio with comfortable sofas, chairs, tables, and ottomans arranged on a large carpet


Determine The Optimum Use of The Space

When designing your outdoor space, a lot of ideas come to mind. You’re likely to have those fanciful images of nice resorts and other places you’ve been to, with an intention to replicate something you’ve seen. That would be a great idea, but you still need to focus on how best to use the space. If eating, partying, or even sunbathing on a lounge chaise are things you’d love to do, it’s important that your space can hold up all the furniture required to do so.

More so, you need to prioritize what you’re likely to spend more time doing outdoors. If you’d be spending more time eating outdoors than partying, then you need to get the right patio dining set in place of some other furniture. It’s okay to have different sections of your space to attend to each need if you have ample space for it. As long as there’s enough room for movement and aesthetic flow, you can set up the space for different uses. This helps you to ensure that you’re not cramming up the space with furniture, as doing that will make the space lose its appeal and become uninviting. For a comfortable and great-looking, you’ve got to prioritize your needs.

Measure Your Space

Having an idea of how much area of patio or backyard you’ve got and how much of that can hold your furniture pieces helps you determine what to buy. It’s not enough to have a mental image of the space, as working with precise dimensions helps you to select the right furniture. Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of designs and configurations- outdoor sectional couch, loveseats, outdoor bistro sets, and more. Choose a set that won't seem lost in a vast space or consider including extra furniture like lounge chairs to cozy it up. There’s no way you’ll figure out all of these without knowing your dimensions. With the right dimensions, you’re able to determine the exact dimension of the furniture pieces that would work for your space and still leave you ample room to move around.

Talk to A Designer

If you have the budget, it’s great to talk to a designer who would advise you on the right kind of furniture to introduce into your space. Nothing beats expert advice unless you’re a chronic DIY-er and you’ve got all the creative juice within you to get this right. If you feel overwhelmed with too many options to settle for, then it’s time to consult with a designer. An expert designer knows how to help you curate the best ideas to work with from all the options you’re considering. This way, you can achieve an appealing outdoor space without necessarily breaking the bank..

Outdoor Weather

Consider what your regional weather is like and the impact it can have on your furniture pieces. Getting patio covering can help you protect your furniture if you live in a region that’s relatively wet throughout the year. If you prefer to gaze at the stars uninhibited or love to enjoy an open view of the sky when seated outdoors in the daytime, then you’ll have to pay attention to maintaining your furniture in unfriendly weather.

If you live in a windy region for instance, you’ll need to concern yourself with how to keep your furniture secure on windy days. You’ll also need to factor in how to care for it, on days when you’re not home. There’s a tendency that your cushions and other small items may begin to fly around in strong wind. So, would you prefer to cover them up, store them indoors when not in use, or spend a few extra bucks on stronger pieces that are less susceptible to the wind? Determining all of these will save you unnecessary stress and surprises after purchasing your furniture.

For wet weather, there’s equally so much to consider. You need to think about how much comfort you’re willing to sacrifice to work around the weather condition. Cushions, for instance, may or may not be necessary. If you consider them necessary, then you want to think about the design of the cushions; some types are foam insertable, and others have permanently sown designs that may come with moisture-wicking fabric. That’s just for cushions and upholstery; the furniture material is equally important. Making these decisions may seem cumbersome initially, but you’d be grateful your choice is based on this in the long run.

Furniture Material

The quality of materials used in designing your outdoor furniture is equally important for various reasons. The first of which is your aesthetics; what kind of outdoor décor do you hope to achieve; do you want something modern and eclectic with touches of metal, glass, or ceramic, and an outdoor fire table? Or rather, something traditional and more laid back, with more of wooden furniture spruced with elements of nature all around? The options are endless, and you could settle for something in-between. Once you’ve decided on the perfect combination that works for your space and style, then you now need to focus on maintenance and care with respect to your prevailing weather condition.

You have to prioritize durability and weather resistance, as various materials for outdoor furniture have varying degrees of resistance. The decision can be solely based on how humid or dry your region is, as you’ll need to determine if you need heavily weather-resistant pieces or something that’s okay to get by with. You may also need to think about how you want to care for these pieces if they’re not designed to withstand excessive pressure from the weather in the long haul. You may have to consider arrangements like covering up pieces that are not weather resistant or even taking them indoors as frequently as the need arises. A covered patio design is an alternative option to consider to protect your furniture from the elements. Your best bet is to settle for high-quality patio sets from a trusted brand, that prioritizes durability and quality.

Furniture Budget

To determine your budget for your outdoor furniture, think about how you would want the space to look and your need for each furniture piece. If you have a larger space, you know you’ll need more pieces of furniture than someone who has a smaller one. Ultimately, the larger your space, the larger your budget size is likely to be. Additionally, it all still depends on how far you’re willing to go, and your choice of materials. Some pieces for smaller spaces may be relatively pricier due to the special details put into their design that may not be available in larger-sized furniture.

Generally, your choice of products, preferred manufacturer, and your preferred taste for high-quality materials will make up your total budget for your space. Ideally, it’s best to settle for high-quality furniture which may seem pricier but will save you additional costs on maintenance that comes with purchasing regular furniture.


7 piece outdoor sectional sofa and rocking chair




A space curated with your perfect outdoor furniture set, just the way you imagined it or better, can give you the best feeling in the world. If you’ve been spending more time outside of your home, you now have the perfect excuse to spend more time outdoors in the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to keep all of these tips handy before committing to buying any piece of furniture for your space. Do check out our inventory of outdoor patio set, to find the best furniture for your dream space.