Homeowners are embracing creating unique outdoor spaces for comfort and functionality. This has been a primary reason why outdoor wicker furniture and other outdoor accessories have increased in demand. Patio fire pits have also gained popularity for the multiple benefits they introduce to the space.

There are many variations of outdoor fire pits, and among the popular options are propane fire pits. This type has been recommended by multiple outdoor space specialists, pointing out its array of benefits, including minimal maintenance and purchase costs. So, what are some of the reasons why you should choose an outdoor propane fire pit?


outdoor propane fire pits with sectional under the sunset


Benefits of Outdoor Propane Fire Pits


Patio propane fire pits are simple, smaller, and do the job well. This will depend on the functionality you want for your firepits as some owners prefer them as decorative pieces while others intend on using the flame for more than just warming purposes. They are widely preferred by homeowners because of following reasons.

1. Are Easy to Shop

Shopping for propane fire pits is typically the same as conventional fire pits. The size and aesthetics are similar to traditional options. However, you'd have to consider the fire pit’s BTU. They usually range from 15,000 to 300,000 BTUs, and your choice will depend on the needs you have. There is a general rule that propane firepits of less than 30,000 BTUs would require protection from strong wind guts.

2. Save Money

While purchasing a propane fire pit won't significantly differ in price from other alternatives, such as wood fire pits, its running costs are the central selling point. For instance, unless you have a reliable source of fuel such as firewood, the running costs of propane fire pits are relatively lower as they need less energy to power them up, and their cylinders can last you longer.

3. Save Space

Propane cylinders power outdoor propane fire pits. It is recommended that homeowners shouldn't store them in sheds, garages, or inside the home. This means that they can be stored safely outside to save space.

4. Are Safe to Use

Fire is dangerous regardless of what’s powering the outdoor fire pits. However, propane fire pits have several benefits over competitors. They burn cleaner and don't produce ash or sparks that can land on skin or clothes. You can quickly turn off the flames of propane fire pits, whereas other alternatives like wood fire pits would leave burning hot coals for hours. Propane fire pits require less tending, limiting interaction with the flame and resulting in minimal accidental burning occurrences.

5. Are Easy to Maintain

Propane fire pits require little maintenance. You only need to dust it off in the spring quickly. You need to ensure that the propane tank is appropriately connected and filled. Since it burns cleaner, there is no soot or ash to worry about.

6. Are Environmentally Friendly

Propane is a low-carbon fuel, making it environmentally friendly since it produces significantly fewer greenhouse emissions. Furthermore, the gas is non-toxic, non-poisonous, and can't contaminate groundwater or soil, making it pleasant to use anywhere.

7. Create an Excellent Atmosphere for Fun

Propane fire pits can be a family's source of fun. It creates a perfect setting, with enough warmth and light, for backyard games, spooky ghost stories, cooking hotdogs, or toasting marshmallows. With the correct outdoor setup, it can be the highlight of a warm patio movie night.

8. Are Customizable

The burner mechanism and overall function of the propane fire pit make it easier for multiple customization options. You can make them in various sizes, colors, and shapes to meet your individual preference needs.


Natural Gas vs. Propane Fire Pits


outdoor gas fire pits


Natural gas is a popular fuel alternative for fire pits, but how does it match propane fire pits? It's a no-brainer that natural gas is relatively less expensive than propane, but is that enough to make it a better alternative?

Both natural gas and propane fire pits burn cleaner with no fumes or smoke. This creates a distraction-free and cozy environment for cuddling and conversations. They are both customizable and require minimal maintenance. However, natural gas fire pits have significant setbacks.

For instance, you'd require professional installation of the gas line and appliance if it doesn't exist. This might save you a few extra bucks as the charges can be costly. Furthermore, such installations don't offer flexibility, so you must consider the design and position before installation.


Wood vs. Propane Fire Pits


outdoor wood fire pits


Propane fire pits are undoubtedly superior to wood fire pits in multiple ways. Both options offer portability as you can quickly move a wood fire pit to a different position if you change the patio alignment design. However, the latter has a few setbacks.

Wood fire pits require a constant supply of firewood to keep the flame burning. This can draw costly fuel charges unless you have your collection. Furthermore, wood is not a clean alternative as it is subject to smoke and ash, which might be uncomfortable for the people in the space.

Unlike propane fire pits, you have to safely store your firewood for wood fire pits to prevent them from being rained on or exposed to harsh elements that will affect their burning. You also have to chop the firewood into pieces that perfectly fit the fuel space you have on the fire pit.

Furthermore, propane fire pits have a simple on-and-off flame-switching mechanism. Contrary to that, wood fire pits pose a challenge to their lighting mechanisms as you have to light the firewood until they burn correctly, and it's equally tedious to put off the fire as you risk exposure to hot coal if proper safety measures aren't adhered to.


How to Style Propane Fire Pits


Getting the ideal propane fire pit for your patio space is simple. You only need to follow the necessary steps to get it right. The essential procedure required involves;

Size up your space

Size matters in the setting and alignment of your patio space. This is because you have to work with what you have. You can sometimes have it all, from outdoor wicker sofas, patio tables, outdoor ottomans, fire pits, and other accessories. However, some spaces limit you on what to include in your patio. It would be best if you took the area's dimensions to know the exact sizes of what to buy and have a straightforward design on how you'll align them.

Choose your ideal pick

There are multiple fire pit designs that you can go for. Some of the examples you can go for include:


The sectional with fire pit by the villa swimming pool


Round propane fire pit

Round propane fire pits are ideal for small spaces. Their shape allows easy movements around the patio since no edges are involved. You can easily replace the coffee table with a round propane fire pit for evening marshmallow toasting and warm night sky viewing. However, despite its functionality, you should consider proportionately positioning the seats around the firepit or regulating the flame to prevent having too much heat on your skin.

Square propane fire pit

Square fire pits can fit small spaces equally, but unlike their round counterparts, they blend in well with sofas rather than seats. They are an upscaled option to round propane fire pits since they offer something more. They can be ideal for u-shaped outdoor wicker sofas as they can be placed as an isle to reach out to people sitting around the pit. They offer a subtle vibe and do the job pretty well.

Rectangle propane fire pit

Rectangle fire pits are ideal for bigger spaces. Their shape can't fit in limited areas unless you are willing to give up on the coziness provided by outdoor sofas. However, homeowners with a specific taste in rectangle propane fire pits can substitute sofas with seats, and it'll still be an ideal setting. The fire pit serves more people than round propane fire pits and square fire pits due to its size. This is the go-to solution for your fire pit needs if you have a bigger backyard.


Once you have agreed on the type and position to install the propane fire pits, you should call in the expert to do the job. DIY solutions to such installations can still work if you have expertise in the field, but it would be best to call the pros to do the job expertly for safety purposes or if you lack the skills. This will save you the costs and time required for the installation.

Run safety protocols

Before you use propane, you should run some safety protocols to ensure zero leakages and risks. This is a critical step to avoid accidents and ensure that the fire pit will serve you for an extended period before future routine maintenance.

Ready to use

Once all is set, you can light up the flame and enjoy the serenity of owning a propane fire pit.




Propane fire pits are the top pick for outdoor spaces. They have tons of benefits and are affordable to buy and maintain. They rank superior among competitor alternatives as they have top selling points for homeowner benefits.

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