Setting up your outdoor space requires a lot of creativity and input to come up with a masterpiece. You'll have to bring together various pieces to create an excellent outdoor space. However, we all have different tastes and preferences on what we would like to include in such a space. Nonetheless, it's quite obvious how much of an important role outdoor furniture plays in your patio space.

Some folks go for the texture while for others it's the material that matters the most. Still, the design has proved to be a big deal for some homeowners. You might go for a sofa or a simple wicker furniture set, but how should you mix and match your selections to provide the best outcome? Before we delve into how you can mix and match outdoor furniture, let's first take a look why this is important.



Importance of a Uniform Outdoor Space


So why should you have a uniform outdoor space? A common design or a matching outdoor space presents an overall good feeling of your patio. Not only does it look good, but it also feels good. A uniform outdoor space is attractive, easy to make adjustments to, and simple to maintain. It serves you right and makes it easier for you to notice any faults in the arrangement.


Is It Necessary to Mix and Match Patio Furniture?


Would you want to have an excellent outdoor space? Mixing and matching the right outdoor furniture is important for an overall good look. Not only does it present a neat outdoor space, but it also helps you keep track of where everything is located. There's a better arrangement on a matching outdoor space, and the furniture looks rather classy compared to a typical patio.

So how should you mix and match outdoor furniture?

Tips on Outdoor Furniture Mixing and Matching


There are multiple ways to mix and match outdoor furniture. Some of them include:


1. Arrange By Frame Material


Outdoor furniture comes in different material depending on a homeowner's preference. So how should you arrange outdoor furniture by frame material? In this article, we'll put more emphasis on wicker furniture. This draws from the fact that they are durable and reliable.

Wicker furniture comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes. They are the best option for outdoor furniture, and there are several ways to mix and match.

  • Wood and wicker - Wicker furniture has different levels of finishes, and wood is among them. You can incorporate wood into a wicker frame to come up with an overall natural look. You can either decide to paint the wood or maintain its natural color. A wooden frame offers a variety of options as you can settle on different finishes since wood can easily be shaped by a chisel. Wood also offers a uniform color. Other than the typical intertwined design, you can also mix wooden furniture with wicker furniture. You can include wooden shelves for your flower vases, a wooden table and wicker chairs, a wooden counter for prepping your food, among other options.

mix and mtach wood and wicker furnitureMix and match wood and wicker outdoor furniture


  • Concrete and Wicker - Concrete can also come in handy in a lot of ways in your patio space. You can have concrete as your flooring for a uniform surface to position your wicker outdoor furniture. Concrete can also be used to subsection your patio space into different sections. You can also come up with a concrete-made fireplace to roast your barbecue and prepare other meals. MgO composite, a substitute for concrete, can be used to make a fire pit. It keeps your patio space warm, especially during movie nights or sky viewing with your family. This makes an excellent space for meaningful conversations and quality time altogether.

Serein 8-Piece Chocolate Brown Wicker Sofa Set with Round Fire Pit Mix and match MgO and wicker outdoor furniture


  • Metal and wicker - Metal can come in handy in a lot of ways. Everything that requires firmness and stability can be made of metal. Those poles to support your outstretched roofing from your house to your outdoor space should be made of metal. You can also incorporate metal in your wicker outdoor furniture on the chairs or table to offer stability. Metal can also be used for making firm shelves and boundaries on your patio if need be.
  • Glass and wicker - Glass complements wicker furniture pieces in multiple ways. It is necessary for your patio space as it adds glamour and multiple functionalities. Glass is a favorite option for many. Use it on tabletops, for decor purposes, and as the roofing of your patio space. It brings in the light during the day, prevents the rain from getting to your furniture and accessories. As a bonus, you get excellent night views. It all comes down to how well you incorporate it.

There are multiple ways to upscale your patio space by mixing and matching different materials to give some life and color to your decor. Aluminum can also be incorporated for the reflective aspect, bricks can also be an alternative for concrete, and plastic accessories can also come in handy. You'll also require fabric at some point, and multiple other materials depending on your taste and preferences.


2. Arrange By Colors


The color is the first thing anyone will notice once they access your outdoor space. Color is very attractive, and it also sets the theme of the entire space. Each color has significance, and it communicates something. Some examples include;

  • Red - love, passion, and attention
  • Orange - creativity, excitement, and optimism
  • Green - nature, fresh, and balance
  • Yellow - happiness, positivity, and energy
  • Blue - clean, stability, and stability
  • Purple - wealth, ambition, and success
  • Pink - compassion, romance, and softness
  • Black - luxury, power, and mystery
  • Silver - classy, cool, and glamorous
  • White - clean, easy, and sleek
  • Brown - comfortable, organic, and friendly.

All these colors bring a particular vibe, and it's important to know what they symbolize. Mixing and matching outdoor furniture according to the color theme is essential. Will the seats match with the flooring? Will the walls be identical to the shelves? It's important to know what color a particular accessory should be and where it should be placed to get a good overall look. Some colors will match, such as blue and white, and there are colors that will clash. A good tone of each individual color is also another consideration to look at. A bright yellow and a slightly faded yellow will match differently in a setting.


COSIEST Arrebol 6-Piece Grass Green Wicker Sectional Sofa Set
Mix and match patio furniture ideas


 3. Arrange By Style


What style are you looking to achieve at the end of your patio project? Every homeowner has an individual style they are looking to achieve. Style might be related to a particular theme, or it can relate to the surrounding. Some folks match their interior house decor to their patio space, while others look to achieve a different style. There can be a classy style that'll involve either a silver, white or black theme. You can also opt for a more natural style where green and brown are your dominant colors.

The style also dictates the kind of furniture you bring into your patio space. A modern style will include classy furniture and accessories. A natural style will include a lot of plants and gardening accessories. A chilled style will involve simple but elegant accessories. The style also dictates how you'll set up the outdoor space and what purpose it'll be serving. There's a patio space where you can prepare your ingredients and cook, but there are those where you'll have to bring in cooked food from your house.


mix and match outdoor furniture styleMix and match outdoor furniture style

4. Arrange By Layout


How do you plan to arrange your outdoor space? This often depends on the space you're working on. The bigger the space, the more options you have to customize it. However, a smaller space might limit you to some degree on what you can bring in and what to avoid. The layout will also let you know where you'll place your wicker outdoor furniture and where to place the rest of your stuff. A layout sets aside space for every activity, from eating and drinking, cooking, smoking, playing games, etc. It all depends on the space you're working with.

 mix and match outdoor furniture layout


Key Considerations


Mixing and matching outdoor furniture is important to the overall look of your patio. Furniture is an important addition to your outdoor space, and you need to get things right while matching them. The right material, color, and style are important to consider. Still, other things such as your taste and preferences, space, and purpose of the patio are crucial.




Getting things right on decorating your outdoor space yields excellent results and presents a comfortable space for you. As a homeowner, you ought to treat your patio as well as you do to your indoor space. You're supposed to invest as much in getting the best outdoor space. Wicker outdoor furniture will come in handy as it is long-lasting and top-quality.

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