Setting up your outdoors with the perfect pieces of furniture can transform a bare-looking space into one that has a kingly appeal. However, finding the right durable material that would last long and withstand the harshness of erratic weather can be challenging. With the plethora of wicker and wooden furniture designs for outdoors, most people are caught between choosing wicker furniture vs wood furniture for their space.

In this guide, you'll discover the key differences between wicker furniture and wood furniture for outdoor use and how each material contributes to the aesthetics of your space.


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Understanding the Key features: Wood Vs. Wicker


Designers consider a plethora of factors when designing outdoor furniture, as each material is unique in different ways. Wooden and wicker furniture have taken on the outdoor scene in recent times more than any other outdoor furniture material available, and it's normal to wonder, why? These two materials are unique and great for outdoors for many reasons, and we'll be exploring each in detail.

Wood furniture for outdoor

It's only natural that wood commonly features in outdoor spaces since they are directly sourced in nature. A variety of wood types exist, but the sturdiest types are used in outdoor furniture designs. The most common wood types for outdoors include teak and acacia wood. They are highly weather-resistant and this makes them a top choice for outdoor furniture.

Teak wood:

This wood type contains natural oils that strengthen it and make it survive any harsh weather conditions. It's the perfect wooden furniture material to consider if you live in a humid environment. At most, you'll find it takes on a silvery patina after a long period of use, but it would not lose its beauty in any way.

The downside of this furniture type is that it's quite expensive to purchase when compared to other wooden materials for outdoor furniture. Maintaining teak doesn't require hard work—an infrequent warm soapy water scrub is all you need and you're good to go. It's a perfect option if you'd prefer to go with teak wood and have a large budget to work with.


This wood type is also highly water-resistant and commonly used in outdoor furniture design. This material is also durable in tough weather conditions and would endure an extended period of use. Although you may find it losing color and fading into a silvery gray over time, you can easily stain it to your preferred color shade later on. It's cheaper than teak if you prefer to settle for wooden furniture. Also, you can wipe it clean by frequently using warm soapy water and a piece of cloth.

Wicker furniture for outdoor

The wicker furniture material is another common element on the outdoor furniture scene and is loved by many for the versatility it offers. They are designed from a variety of materials and woven by hand on a frame to achieve a specific furniture design. Although wicker furniture may be designed to fit various styles, designs, and colors, the creation process is pretty much the same.

Wicker furniture is sourced from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, and none comes behind in its aesthetic appeal. The durability and strength of wicker furniture largely depend on the material it's made from.

Natural wicker:

Wicker furniture made from natural materials is more suited for indoor use. Some examples of natural material wicker include vines, grasses, and water hyacinth plants. Such furniture will last longer indoors or in covered outdoor areas as long as they're not directly exposed to the elements. They are not suitable for direct outdoor use.

Synthetic wicker:

These are natural-looking wicker that is designed from artificial synthetic materials such as resin, from which resin rattan furniture is produced. Also rich in aesthetic appeal, they look exactly like natural wicker and are hand-woven around the desired frame. Perfect for outdoor use, they can withstand all weather conditions and don't require consistent maintenance like natural material wicker.


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Wood vs. wicker furniture: What you need to know


In determining your choice of outdoor furniture between wood and wicker furniture for outdoor use, there are important factors you must consider. Since both offer unique curb appeal, it's important to weigh your choice in terms of their advantages, disadvantages, and your personal preference as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood for outdoor furniture


· It is aesthetically appealing
· It's durable for long-time use
· High weather resistance
· Impressive grain blend with natural ambiance
· Available in stains of choice
· Sturdy furniture frame


· Expensive to purchase
· Needs frequent maintenance
· Will fade over time

Advantages and disadvantages of wicker furniture for outdoor


· Cheaper alternative to purchase
· Hand-woven aesthetic appeal
· Durable for long-term use
· Highly weather-resistant material
· Available in various color options
· Does not fade or lose color


· Natural wicker is not suitable for outdoor use
· Durability will depend on the quality of the frame used


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Important factors to consider before choosing wood furniture vs. wicker furniture



Your budget would largely determine which of the furniture types to settle for. Note that the outdoor wicker patio set is less expensive compared to wooden patio furniture and will equally survive harsh weather conditions. Due to the difficulty of growing teak wood, anyone choosing to settle for wooden outdoor furniture must be prepared to purchase it at a high cost. Generally, you get a good bargain for money spent on both types of furniture materials.


If you don't mind dealing with the natural fade of wood over time, then you may consider it for your outdoors. The silvery patina of the teak may not be a problem, especially if you consider staining it brown. However, if you prefer something that looks as great as when it was first purchased after a long while, wicker furniture is your best bet.


Your environmental conditions should guide your choice of furniture. If summer is more wet than dry in your region, it's best to settle for wicker that wouldn't change regardless of heat or rainfall. Wood furniture may begin to crack over time under harsh weather conditions. Our wicker furniture is designed from UV-resistant material that protects it from the long-term impact of direct sunlight.


Wooden outdoor furniture requires more frequent maintenance than patio wicker furniture. If you don't mind the effort, wood can be a great option. However, if you prefer something that wouldn't require cleaning all the time, wicker is a better choice. Our flat weave wicker furniture pieces are super-easy to maintain and would not require any demanding effort to clean.


Having a large outdoor space allows you the opportunity to be versatile about your furniture choices. However, choosing wooden outdoor furniture may limit your tendency to be versatile due to the high cost of purchase. Wicker furniture, on the other hand, allows you to set up your space with your furniture configuration of choice. For instance, an outdoor wicker sectional is a more economical option instead of a wooden sectional for outdoors.

Aesthetic appeal

Both furniture materials have great aesthetic appeal no doubt, but they are unique in their way. Wicker looks impressive on your patio, and the hand-woven patterns on an outdoor wicker couch are hard to ignore. A wooden couch, however feels natural and may not spark up any special interest from visitors. If you're looking to own furniture that would always draw the attention of guests, wicker remains a top choice.


Wicker Vs. Wood Furniture: Our Best Picks


The right outdoor furniture on your patio makes every outdoor time a rewarding experience, and that's why we always want you to settle for the best. While wooden outdoor furniture pieces are great for outdoor use, wicker furniture has equally outstanding features that make them a must-have for your patio. Here are our top picks.

Outdoor wicker sectional

These pieces are great for receiving guests and can also be re-arranged for lounging. You may also prefer a wicker l-shaped outdoor sofa that best suits your available space. Wooden furniture designs are not often designed to this degree of flexibility.

Wicker patio set

This is another benefit of wicker furniture that may be expensive to obtain from wooden furniture. With wicker furniture, you can get a complete comfort set for your patio at a great price. It also saves you the stress of purchasing each piece separately.

All-season wicker couch

With wicker furniture, you can enjoy an all-season couch comfort, such that you don't need to worry about bringing in the entire couch set after the dry season is over.




Deciding on the perfect furniture material for your outdoors can be quite a challenge. While wooden furniture pieces are worth considering, wicker furniture pieces offer more versatility and budget-friendly options that are difficult to say no to. Even more appealing is how great wicker furniture can maintain its beauty and hold up its sturdy build after years of use. You can check out our variety of patio wicker furniture for the best pieces for your space.