Curating a stylish outdoor oasis is great especially if you want a habitable outdoor space that’s a neighborhood envy. Beyond setting up a furniture set in your backyard where you can relax and enjoy some natural air, it’s important to have a combination of essentials that helps to achieve your space goals.

To make your outdoor space a warm and cozy relaxation zone for your home, there are essentials that you must pay attention to while setting up your space. If you’re ready to take your space from ordinary to stylish, this guide will show you just how to achieve that.


What is stylish outdoor furniture?


Achieving a space that’s all set up with stylish furniture pieces requires an understanding of what stylish furniture is. Before you worry about if your pieces meet the criteria for ‘stylish’ it might interest you to know that there’s no rulebook for ‘stylish furniture.’ This means that you don’t need a specific furniture theme, color, or detail to achieve a stylish look.

The idea of stylish furniture is in how well the furniture pieces and decorative elements come together in their design to achieve your ideal patio look, one that’s comfortable and beautiful to spend time in. A stylish patio is made of furniture pieces that have a natural appeal and are inviting enough for you, your family, and guests to spend time in without getting tired of doing so.


Stylish elements in outdoor furniture for a comfy trendy space


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Here are essential elements to look out for to achieve a stylish-looking outdoor space with your outdoor furniture set.

1. Colors

Colors can help to add a great deal of difference to the style of your outdoor space, and the one place to play with colors is on your outdoor furniture! Whether you’re choosing to buy a set that's in specific color tones or you’re repainting old furniture to suit a new season, colors can help your space feel new.

Furniture cushions and colorful throw pillows and rugs can make your space significantly stylish. You may even choose to work with a single color tone or introduce accent pieces on your patio, you’ll end up with a breathtaking space that's difficult to stay away from at any time of the day.

Light color and earthy-toned furniture can also create a calming effect on your space, such that spending time outdoors sitting on your furniture can make you feel less stressed and relaxed. Alternatively, bright colours are great for achieving a chic and inviting look outdoors.

2. Shed

One critical aspect of your outdoor furniture is your shed, they make relaxing outdoors especially if you live in regions with hot temps in the daytime and during summer. For homes with limited spacing, introducing a beautiful umbrella or installing a pergola can improve your overall outdoor experience.

Setting up outdoor furniture beneath the shed of a huge tree in your backyard can also make a great deal of difference. Whether you choose natural or artificial shed structures, your shed can elevate the feel of your space and enjoy a stylish view of your outdoor space.

3. Small coordination pieces

Add depth and style to your space by introducing nice-looking coordination pieces such as side stools and ottomans. These pieces help to tidy up the arrangement of your furniture pieces by helping you maximize end and centre spaces.

Placing a set of side stools on the end of a sectional sofa makes it comfortable to place items when seating at the opposite ends of the sofa. Ottomans are handy multi-purpose furniture pieces that could serve as a leg rest, stool for placing drinks or gadgets, or extra seating for guests. Despite the size of these pieces, they play an important role in making your space stylish.

4. Space zoning

This is an essential element of a stylish furniture set-up if you have ample space for it. With space zoning, you can introduce a combination of different furniture pieces into your space without it feeling cramped up.

Depending on the size of your patio or backyard, you might want to separate your bar area from your conversation area. Also, you might choose to fuse two separate zones into one, without each losing its distinctiveness. For instance, a bistro set is a great furniture piece that can easily pair with a sofa set. Arranging the seats opposite an outdoor sectional couch helps to blend two separate zones into one, without altering the uniqueness of each zone.

5. Set up space for warmth

A functional aspect of your outdoor set-up is having warming elements that will keep your space stylish. Either you’re settling for a stylish fire pit bowl or an outdoor sectional with fire pit, warming elements add a stylish brilliance to your space and makes it a daytime haven and a nighttime wonder.

Interestingly, you do not have to wait till the cold seasons to enjoy the warmth from a fire pit. On cool evenings you could dine with loved ones by a fire pit table and enjoy the glow of the light on one another’s faces. For a large patio, you can set up small fire bowls in strategic places to give your home a nighttime ethereal feel.

6. Cozy elements

Setting up a stylish outdoor space requires combining unique elements that add a cozy and aesthetic touch to your outdoor space. One selecting furniture pieces to achieve your ideal stylish look ensure you choose pieces with plush cushioning and consider throws that do the same. Furry throws can be used to cover your feet when spending evenings with loved ones or by yourself.

Plush rugs also make your space stylish and appealing, such that they massage the feet in a comforting way. Spending time outdoors soon becomes a healthy addiction as all these elements come together to help you achieve your perfect home getaway location.

7. Furniture design

While various furniture pieces can be styled to look as appealing as possible, nothing beats the appeal of a great furniture design. One top thing to look out for when choosing your outdoor furniture is its design. Every detail counts in achieving a stylish look for your décor and you must pay attention to details such as fine lines, curves, furnishings, and legs amongst other things for a stylish look. For instance, a wicker furniture design will look better than a plain polypropene design, wrought iron steel chairs are bound to look more stylish than plain ones, and furnishings with attention to geometrics will definitely look great on a regular patio.

8. Natural element

An important element of stylish furnishings is to introduce natural elements into your space. Green plants, gardens, planters, and artificial ponds are some ways to achieve this. These elements blend fantastically with your outdoor furniture like an outdoor canvas and make your space look naturally appealing to spend time in.

Your outdoor space is the place to experiment with various elements of nature without limitation as may be the case with indoor spaces. Setting up natural elements in the right places, and installing a vertical garden, for instance, can quickly improve the style of your space from zero to a hundred, if done correctly.

9. Decorative furnishings

Decorative furnishings and accessories elevate the style of your space. Candle holders, decorative wood logs, outdoor bar shelves are some of the elements to consider for a stylish space.

Depending on your outdoor theme, you can work with a variety of furnishings that help your space feel modern, e.g. a hammock, or traditional swing chair that is suitable for reliving childhood memories.

10. Weather resistance

By now, you might already know that it's important to have the right furniture pieces that are suitable for your regional weather. It's worth emphasizing that using the wrong furniture type can ruin your overall outdoor style.

For instance, an outdoor sofa that's not suited for outdoor use would get soaked by rain andeven retain moisture that dampens your clothes when you sit on it. Lightweight furnishings can be easily tossed around when it gets windy, as well. Hence, it's important that you pay attention to the weather situation in your region when choosing your furniture pieces.


Buying stylish furniture: additional tips to note


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There are so many fancy outdoor furniture items out there, and it's important to pay attention to important details to avoid ending up with bad-quality furniture. If you're looking to purchase stylish outdoor furniture, here are essentials to note

Buy from a trusted supplier

A supplier with a track record knows how to serve you and provide you with quality furniture pieces. At Cosiet, we're committed to serving our clientele with only the best. Our reviews from various satisfied customers say it all.

Don't ignore specifications

Your specifications are an important part of your purchase. Beyond the look, be sure you have the right dimensions and weight that suit your space and regional weather respectively.




Color, furniture design, and space zoning are some of the essentials of a stylish outdoor furniture setup that helps you to curate a stylish space. While there are no strict rules, combining these elements rightly will make your space a neighborhood envy.