Various themes can work for your space and you can choose to mix different themes or do something different than you already have indoors. This gives your home a feel of different experiences as you spend time in different parts of your home.

Choosing the best style of outdoor furniture pieces also depends on different factors. If you’re unsure of the best style to work with for your outdoor furniture, we explore some of the best themes to get inspired by.


The outdoor sofa lay on the ground covered with fallen leaves


Outdoor décor themes for stylish and comfy outdoor furniture set-up


When choosing outdoor furniture, style and comfort must take priority. To achieve these, you must choose a décor theme to work with. Some of these include;

Modern theme:

A modern outdoor space thrives on a combination of more recent design elements, embracing new furniture design trends, and introducing elements like concrete, glass, and aluminum into your space. Achieving this style with your outdoor furniture makes it comfy and attractive to guests and family.

What should you look out for when trying to achieve the modern themed style for your space? Modern designs often incorporate futuristic design details, such as outdoor fire pits, modular furniture with fire piece sets, and ceramic and glass decorative pieces. One important highlight of modern furniture pieces is that it prioritizes organization and establishing clean lines in the furniture arrangement.

Natural elements equally have a place in the modern outdoors; potted plants, garden backdrops, and hanging plant vases are common examples. Depending on your color preference, modern designs can be generous with color schemes, as long as they’re not contradictory, feel free to work with color palettes of choice.

For extra comfort, add a touch of technology by setting up speakers for some outdoor fun. Smart devices, like a remote-controlled fire feature or artificial spring, can also help you achieve an outstanding outdoor space. One more thing, feel free to bring in a shed—fancy umbrellas, and pergolas—they add a breathtaking touch of modernism to your space, and of course, help you to get as comfortable as you need to be.

Bohemian theme:

This style of design incorporates various elements of nature to achieve an ultimate design. This design is free-spirited such that you can introduce as many patterns as you want, play with colors, various textures, and nature motifs. If you’re going boho, think about various elements you can pull together to achieve your space design. It’s the perfect theme that allows you to spruce up your space with antique finds and other natural elements that make the space feel bright and alive. Going boho is ideal if you want to maximize your space by donning it with your gorgeous pieces and rare finds, you’ll love to display for all to see.

It works well with a mix of colors, and patterns that create visual interest and add texture and detail to your space. With bohemian styles, there are no strict rules, so if you want to explore this style of outdoor furnishing that allows you to be as creative as you want without over-cramping your space, then boho is your top choice.

An important feature of the bohemian style is that it plays more with elements that make your space feel as natural as possible. For instance, wooden leg tables, raffia weavings and hangings, and wicker containers are some elements that characterize bohemian outdoor furniture styling.

Midcentury modern theme:

Midcentury outdoor furnishings are laid-back pieces that take on the style of the 1900s. featuring wooden furniture, curved surfaces, and clean lines. The mid-century modern furniture style involves the use of neutral tones such as; white, beige, and grey with pops of bright accent colors such as yellow, orange, bright greens, red, and more. The neutral tones serve as an eclectic backdrop against accent-colored furniture pieces, and both combine to give you a comfy and stylish space.

An impressive perk of midcentury modern furniture pieces is their versatility—you can pair them with other complementary styles and it would still look outstanding. To introduce lines into your midcentury space, sprucing up with brass pieces of lighting, wall hangings, and other small-sized fixtures will keep your space stylish.

Farmhouse theme:

If you enjoy the natural and earthy feel of country homes and farmhouses, you may choose to transform your outdoor space into a modern farmhouse space. With this theme, a combination of farmhouse elements and furniture pieces can help you achieve the laid-back look of farm life. With a variety of elements such as distressed wood, aluminum pots, simple metal decoratives, and wooden boxes, you’ll be ready to achieve your ideal farmhouse space.

One key element of farmhouse furniture you don’t want to miss is wicker furniture, with rattan armchairs being the perfect fit for outdoor use. Don’t miss out on lantern-styled iron lighting to achieve your ideal style. A collection of wooden planters, vegetable boxes, planting buckets, or even vertical garden planters is important to introduce herbs, flowers, and greens in your space. And of course, an eclectic wooden bench, or patio couch paired with a nice fireplace and wooden logs for stools or decoration are important elements for the ultimate farmhouse décor style.


Two chaise loungers lay on the endless grass


Common factors that may influence the comfort and style of your outdoor furniture


While you may be overwhelmed by all the outdoor décor styles there are and unsure of which to choose, here are some factors that may help you decide.


The kind of style that resonates with you, will determine the kind of outdoor furniture to buy. Since there are so many options out there, you have to look inward and be sure of what you want your home to look like. What’s the definition of ‘home’ to you? Remember that your outdoor space is an important part of your home, hence this should be the first guiding factor to consider.

Defining what colors you want your space to have, how many guests you like to host frequently, the size of your family, and what you want for your dream space will help you decide what resonates with you from the myriad of options. For some, sitting outdoors dining with loved ones, is their definition of an ideal outdoor space. This means that your choice of outdoor furniture will largely cover dining furniture or even outdoor kitchen furniture. This is not about the size of your space; a bistro set can be an ideal dining set for a small space and can be a relaxation area when paired with ottomans for extra comfort.

If your ideal outdoor space idea is relaxing with friends outdoors and chatting late into the night; your best pick with be a patio conversation set that makes it possible. Hence, the most important factor in determining the style and comfort of your outdoor furniture is your personality!

Size and shape of your outdoor space:

Another important factor that will determine the choice of your furniture pieces as you work with your preferred style is the size and shape of your outdoor space. The way you work with your space will be defined by the size of the space and its shape. Some patios may be square-shaped or have a round landscape cut-out, ultimately, this impacts the shape of the furniture you choose as well. You don’t want your furniture looking out of place on your patio or backyard.

Large round sectional sofa set often looks perfect on a circular patio, and you can have them in small or large sizes as it fits your available space.


With a large budget for your outdoor space, it might seem like every piece of furniture seems ideal for your space and there’s no limit to the options available to you. While this may be partly true, it's easy to deal with! As long as you can decide the theme you want to work with to the list above, it helps to narrow down the options and help you select only furniture pieces that are right for your theme.

Also, a small outdoor budget doesn’t mean you’d have to compromise on outdoor comfort and style, you might just have to put the best part of the budget into functional pieces that can serve multiple purposes. After deciding your preferred style, the next step is to choose pieces that can serve different uses and can be arranged to suit different scenarios. Modular sofa sets, and bistro sets, are common examples of this.


One can’t afford to underestimate how accessorizing your outdoor space can impact your comfort level and elevate your style. Beautiful throw pillows, poufs, and rugs are classy details that you can’t afford to miss in styling your space. They not only contribute to the aesthetics; they also create a beautiful layering effect and make your space comfortable for relaxation and easing off stress.


White spray-painted wooden chairs were placed around the fire pit




Various themes and styles often impact your choice of outdoor furniture, and you can decide to work with one or mix up the styles for a relaxing space. Whether you’re going modern or choose to recreate a fancy farmhouse style; your personality, budget, space, and accessories all come together to help you achieve a comfy and stylish space with the right kind of patio furniture.