A patio is an equally important part of a home that graces the residents with both luxury and comfort. Comfort comes with preferences, and some homeowners prefer the back-and-forth rocking that rocking chairs provide. Many people underrate patio rocking chairs as they are considered ancient furniture. This is common because they are associated with our old folks resting on them during lazy afternoons.

Nonetheless, like any other furniture, these masterpieces have evolved in design and functionality. We cannot fail to recognize the relaxing and soothing functions of these outdoor rocking chair sets from the sloping and lounging angles that make up for a good siesta.


white outdoor rocking chair


So, what are some of the basics you know and considerations before getting a bistro rocking chair set?


Things to Consider Before You Buy a Rocking Chair


A rocking chair can be a great addition to your outdoor space, but similar to any other furniture, quality research is essential before getting one. Some of the things that you need to consider before buying a rocking chair set include;

  1. Know the basics. It’s important to learn about the different features of a rocking chair and the importance of each part. This includes the dimensions, material, design, purpose, maintenance, accessories to complete the room, etc.
  2. Purchase a sturdy rocking chair. You should consider going for a firm rocking chair, and the rocking can cause easy wear and tear if you don't maintain it properly.
  3. Select from the cushions. Some outdoor rocking chair sets come with attached cushions, and it’s vital to go for those with dark colors so that they can hide any stains.
  4. Go for covered hinges. This is a safety precaution to prevent accidents or anything from getting stuck between the exposed hinges.
  5. Buy a quiet chair. A quality chair is a quiet chair – you don’t want to be upset by the noisy rocking sound as you rest on your chair.
  6. Consider the ease to use. Always go for a rocking chair that’s easy to use from setting up and adjusting the heights or angles.
  7. Factor in the footrest. A footrest will be handy if you want extra comfort to rest your legs as you enjoy the rocking movements.
  8. Select various styles. Don’t just settle for the first set that you come across.Consider shopping around for different designs and styles and go for your best pick.
  9. Where you'll use it and where you'll use your rocking chair will significantly determine the type and design that you will purchase, so it's essential to make your mind on where you'd place it.
  10. Manner of using it. The purpose of your rocking chair is equally a significant factor to consider as there are those of the elderly, children, people with back problems, etc.


Choosing the Right Material for Patio Rocking Chairs


One of the primary considerations when getting a patio rocking chair is the material used to make it. The material is crucial as it significantly affects how you'll use the rocking chair, the maintenance strategies, and the quality you'd get. Some of the different materials used for making rocking chairs include;


High-Density Polyethylene is a recyclable synthetic resin formed to make a material resembling wood. It's used to make quality and durable water- and wind-resistant furniture. It's easy to maintain as you only need water and soap to clean off dirt. It's best if you have a pet with claws.


Cider, redwood, and Douglas fir are the most commonly used softwoods for furniture-making. Pine is an alternative, but it's not as suitable for outdoor use. It would be best if you considered varnish as it provides that protective layer from straining and elements. Softwood is not as resilient and durable, although it's an affordable alternative.


Maple, oak, walnut, mahogany, and teak are the best hardwoods for furniture needs. Hardwoods are durable and more resistant to dents and scratches. You'd still require staining and varnishing for outdoor use. Although they are expensive, they are by far a better alternative than softwood. They are best for a traditional and sturdy look.


Wicker material is lightweight, classy, and durable. However, they require an excellent finishing to weather harsh climatic conditions and elements. Don't be fooled by the cheap plastic wicker furniture, as only natural wicker is meant to be resilient. They are ideal if you want to enjoy a cold lemonade during hot summer nights on your porch.

Wrought Iron

This material is soft, magnetic, ductile, and has high tensile and elasticity strength. Furniture made of wrought iron is durable, ductile, smoother, and highly resistant to pressure. Due to the tie and technique used to make these pieces, wrought iron furniture is usually expensive.


Aluminum outdoor furniture is lightweight, long-lasting, and weatherproof. They make practical and comfortable pieces and an attractive option for your patio. Aluminum doesn't rust when exposed to moisture and furniture made of the material is of low maintenance, and they don’t crack or dry out during sunny seasons.


Plastic is preferred for its resistance properties to rust and water. However, the color will eventually fade and become brittle if exposed to sunlight's UV rays. Nonetheless, they are great for parties and are easy to replace in case of damage because of their affordable prices.


Teak is another wood option that's durable and reliable. It produces its oil, making it resilient as it can stay out without wearing out. The limitation is that it's only offered in a single color and requires frequent rubbing to avoid silver patina.


Various Types of Rocking Chairs


There are various types of rocking chairs, and as much as they make similar movements, they have entirely different purposes. Rocking chairs might be sold as single pieces, while others come in sets, including other furniture pieces such as tables and footrests. Some of the common types of rocking chairs include;

Traditional Rocking Chair


Traditional Rocking Chair


Traditional rockers feature curved legs that serve the back-and-forth rocking mechanism. This is the most affordable and common type of rocking chair. Its design has been time-tested, popularly making it the most durable type. However, it requires more floor space, and it is relatively inflexible and rigid in nature.

Glider Rocking Chair

A glider rocker, is more complex as it uses a mechanism of hinges and levers. It uses less space and is considered classier and more comfortable than other rocking chairs. It is, however, more expensive and it's prone to breaking.

Spring Rocking Chair


Spring Rocking Chair


Spring rockers are a mixture of glider and traditional rocking chairs. They rock back and forth like traditional rockers but have a support system mounted by springs to trigger the rocking motion like the glider rockers.

Swivel Rocking Chair

Swivel rocking chairs are customized to allow more than a single plane of motion. Swivel rockers' additional flexibility and comfort come from a more complex mechanism. This increases the price and hikes the risks of breakage.

Reclining Rocking Chair


Reclining Rocking Chair


This type of rocker chair has extra functionality that allows the back of the chair to recline. However, due to safety, you can't use the reclining and rocking functionalities simultaneously. These properties make them the most expensive type of rockers on the market.


How to Decor Your Space


You could incorporate a bistro chair set into other spaces in different ways. This will depend on the kind of design you bought, its functionality, the room you are working with, and the theme of your furniture arrangement. Some of the ways you can style up different areas include

Living Room

You can add a single-standing rocking chair to your already existing sofa set. This can work best if you have an l-shaped sofa set to the rocking chair to complement the set as a different piece. The positioning matters, especially if you have a traditional rocking chair, as you'll need enough floor room and space for the back-and-forth movements. Similarly, you can also position your rocking chair around your fireplace to enjoy that extra comfort from the warmth.

Outdoor and Patio

You'd typically require an entire set of rocking chairs if you want to give your outdoor space a great look. This is because of the number of occupants you can have in your outdoor space. Furthermore, a 3-piece rocking chair set can provide a perfect environment for you to enjoy excellent conversations with your folks as you enjoy sky viewing on colorful nights. Don't forget to throw in extra cushions and blankets for additional comfort.


A rocking chair would be ideal for your porch, especially if you're on the lookout for anything (for those of you enthusiastic about night watch). However, you should get a quiet one to ensure you don't make rocking noises. It would be best if you went for the ones made of solid material since the porch is also an outdoor area.

Buying an outdoor rocking chair set is an important task that needs to be attended to with the seriousness it deserves. You should plan to ensure that you get all your facts straight; furthermore, you should know the options you are working with – this is after evaluating the purpose of the rocking chair and where you'd place it. You should also consider the different technical and customization options and ensure that you plan around the current décor in your outdoor space.

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