Designing a small living room space can be tasking, especially if you have to factor in everything that needs to go it. Various configurations of small living room spaces require a bit of creativity to get the best out of them without missing out on vital furniture pieces or over-stuffing your living space. If you ever wondered what to make of a small living room space, and the best way to arrange your furniture without compromising on the available space, you're about to find out.


Small Living Room Arrangement Ideas and Design


There are ample ways to go about your living room furniture layout without giving up on basics, like end tables or an eclectic console storage table. We've compiled a list of interesting ideas to work with for your layouts in a small living room. Keep reading.

1.Centering a sectional sofa around a coffee table:


Centering a sectional sofa around a coffee table


This living room arrangement idea involves setting up your sitting area using a sectional sofa that could occupy a maximum of 4 persons. Centering it as comfortably close to the console table as possible is important to optimize the available space. You can also use a small coffee table to complement your sofa to make it feel as close as possible to the sofa. When choosing your sofa, it's best to tone done on heavy-looking furniture as much as possible. Choosing those with fine lines will help your living room to feel light rather than stuffed.

This layout helps to provide ample legroom to move around your space. Additionally, you could buy an extra set of furniture, possibly a dining area with this layout, for a small sitting room. It's possible to achieve this since you've already saved a lot of space using a single sectional sofa for your sitting area and sitting as comfortably close to your console as possible. One peck of this layout is that it provides a great opportunity for family bonding in a small family.

2.Make your living room wall work for you:


Make your living room wall work for you


In designing the layout for a small living room, the wall is that one place you don't want to ignore. A lot can be done around your wall area to free up space in the center of the living for easy movement or play area. If your living room configuration gives you sufficient wall space then it's time to put it to great use. The easiest place to start is your focal wall; you could use a console storage table that allows you the flexibility of storage. With this, you can hide away items that could cause your living to look cluttered in the storage unit of your console table.

Taking a further step can be the real game changer if you have a lot that would be sitting around in your living room. The best thing is to work wall shelving into your living room design, and it would surprise you how much space this would save you. Doing this will automatically make the items on the shelf feel like part of your wall than a part of your living room. You can then focus on designing your sitting area layout to work with these. A simple loveseat sofa flanked with a clean-lined wood side table can help to make the living room as cozy and homey as possible. You could also use a pair of glass top side table for function and aesthetics, as it would help your space feel light and less stuffed up. Since most activity is on the wall, it helps to keep it there while giving a calm ambiance around your sitting area.

3.Work with modular furniture:


Using modular furniture for your living room sitting arrangement


If you're up for an extra dose of creativity, you can set up your living room area using modular furniture for your sitting arrangement. The impressive thing about this design is that it cuts down on all the details that can make your room feel stuffed up. You'll also have more seating space from it than from other sofa styles. When choosing modular seating, ensure it doesn't come with tall backrests, as having too many of those can easily stuff up your space. The deal is to work with your module seat as your configuration allows.

You can break them up, positioning a set of 4 seats around an ottoman table in the center of the living room. Additionally, you could set them up by each other while leaving one or two to stand by themselves and also create ample room for movement. Here's where it gets interesting. Since you've saved up so much space thanks to your modular furniture, you can then work with an antique side table to add some touch of beauty to your space. You could also flank your seats with a living room side table, to complete your perfect living room design.

4.Built-in sitting area:


build your sitting area into your wall nooks and corners


This is a brilliant way to save space in a small living room without making it seem so obvious. If your living room configuration comes with corners and nooks, then you've got a reason to put them to good use. Instead of going for large sofas that take up all the visual space, you could build your sitting area into your wall nooks and corners. There's so much you can do with this sitting design.

You may decide to opt for clean space sitting by choosing bench-style cushioned seats. It creates an impressive visual appeal as you can use the extra space beneath it as a storage area or leave it open to create the floating furniture effect. Additionally, you may want to try building your sitting area just beneath an open window view. You can cushion up the look with colorful throw pillows and purpose the lower portion as an open-shelve storage or sliding door storage. There's so much you can do with this idea to get the best out of your home configuration.

5.Go all-neutral:


neutral-toned furniture decoration


Choosing neutral-toned furniture can make all the difference in helping to create a visual appeal and spacious feel in a small living room. Sometimes, you can't go wrong with your style of furniture arrangement, as long as you're keeping them all in neutral colors. You can then work with accessories such as throw pillows, antique nightstands, and other decorative elements to introduce accents to your space and eye-catching details for aesthetics.

It helps your space to look as natural as possible and even feel larger than its actual size. With this trick, you can introduce a combination of furniture designs that work for your space and needs. You may also rock a combination of furniture styles for your sitting area. For instance, an armrest chair, sectional sitting, and armless sofas can help to achieve the perfect living room layout for a cozy sitting area by going all-neutral.


Important Tips to Consider to Maximize Space In A Small Living Room


Maximizing space in a small living room with the right furniture doesn't have to be a hassle. These tips will help to get the best out of a small living room and enjoy the most comfort without taking a lot of space.

Purchase storage furniture for your small living room:

Managing space in a small living room can be done seamlessly when you have ample storage furniture to work with. For instance, a console table with extra storage could also double as a bookshelf. This way you can keep clutter out of sight that is likely to choke up your living room space. Possibly you could work with nightstands with drawer spaces where you can keep a lot of items handy.

Try space-saving furniture arrangement:

Depending on the configuration of your living room space, try to position the furniture away from the wall, it helps to leave a lot of breathing room available. You could choose to position your sofa in the center of the living room while you leave space around it for easy movement or choose a zone of the living room as a sitting area instead of the whole space.

A great way to maximize space in a small living room is to use light symmetry furniture, single sofa seating arrangements, or sectional sofas that allow you to utilize the available space based on the existing configuration.

Light wall paint color:

Light wall paint colors help to brighten a room and make it feel large. Using bright colors like white, sky blue, etc., is a great way to make a small living room feel spacious and welcoming.

Use mirrors generously:

Mirrors help to create an interesting visual effect in your space. It gives it the feeling of being twice its size, especially if positioned opposite a window. It gives a calming view of your outdoor area that will automatically make a small living room feel larger than its actual size.




There are several ways to style your small living room in a way that will still leave ample space to move around and even play. The trick is to get the right furniture arrangement, use bright colors, and possibly use as much storage furniture to leave enough foot room to move aroundcosiz