Outdoor furniture with heating options makes it easy to confidently spend more time outdoors even during cold months. Without an effective heating source, it might be challenging to spend time outdoors with friends, or even out by yourself in cold months. Thankfully, there are various outdoor furniture designs to meet anyone’s needs, such as propane fire tables and propane fire pits. While these designs are versatile, there are still safety concerns and people wonder, “are propane fire tables safe?”

For most people, the idea of an open fire atop a piece of furniture raises safety concerns, and it’s okay to want to know if this furniture is safe for your home. Quality propane fire tables are safe for use and designed to be hazard-free and within safety standards. Also, the fire is easy to control at the flip of a switch, and you can effectively manage the heat supply.


What is a Propane Fire Table?


you can put your food and drinks on outdoor propane fire pit table


As the name implies, a fire table is an elevated surface for placing items within your arm’s reach, that also comes with a heating center, to keep everyone sitting around it warm. Many prefer that they have the heat close enough to their faces rather than sitting around an outdoor fire pit that offsets the proximity of those sitting around the table.

The fire tables are designed under stringent safety standards of the CSA, to ensure that they are durable enough to withstand the influence of temperature, rain, and wind. Also, the burner and propane gas tank are well hidden out of view to keep the table aesthetically pleasing. They are relatively safer to use than open fireplaces; as they emit embers and sparks, and you don’t have to deal with that with a gas fire table.

If safety is your most important parameter when selecting a fire table, then a propane fire table is your best bet. They’re made with safe fire-proof and durable materials for the long haul.

Some propane fire table models are designed to give off up to 50,000 BTU of heat, while some give off way lesser. However, it’s easy to regulate the heat supply of the fire table to your preferred output depending on your overall outdoor temperature. The capacity of the fire table determines the heat output you can get from it.

Unlike the fire pit which is a solely dedicated space or container where fire can be made for warmth, propane fire tables are designed to serve the purpose of a coffee table. Except that it includes a mid-area dedicated for the warm glow of the fire to burn. With this table, a lot can be done around the surface while staying warm by the enclosed fire pit within the table. The interesting detail about this table is that the entire surface of the table could be put to use when the fire pit is not in use. Many fire pit tables come with covers that are designed to fit the shape of the fire table, for added surface area.

There are various fire pit table cover shapes, ranging from round to rectangle, and other custom shapes. The shape is largely determined by the shape of the table or the area of the fire pit surface. Within the fire area are reflective fire glass, or synthetic wood-like rocks that make the fire glow beautifully in the dark.


How to Choose The Perfect Fire Table for Your Space


outdoor sectional with fire pit for small space


To choose the perfect fire pit table, there are some factors to consider.

Determine your choice of material

Outdoor fire pit tables come in a variety of materials that are significant to the aesthetics of your outdoor space. These tables can be made from stone, bronze, wicker, fiberglass, concrete, stainless steel, aluminum, and cast aluminum. It could also be a combination of some of these materials depending on the design.

Determine your preferred surface area and shape

Depending on the amount of space available to you, decide if you want a rectangular surface, round table top, or other custom designs. Go with what works to improve the outlook of your space.

Ensure the placement of your table is within safety standards

It’s not enough to have a dedicated space to use a fire pit table, it’s also important that you ensure the area is well ventilated and not too enclosed. Since the table is fueled with propane, there’s no need to worry about flames and embers, however, the space must be well-ventilated to allow CO2 escape freely to avoid choking. Avoid enclosed areas as much as possible, and follow up on your local fire guideline for safety.

Consider the number of people to sit at the table:

The shape of a fire pit table often determines how many people can sit around it. If you’ll be having a large number of persons use the fire table frequently, it's best to go for large fire tables that conveniently supply heat to everyone. Otherwise, you might consider choosing an outdoor fire pit that a large number of people can conveniently sit around.

Work with a budget:

Fancy fire tables are available in various sizes and you might want to consider how much you’re willing to spend. Some fire pit tables could cost as much as $5000 for custom models, with smart functions and functionality. Others could also cost way lesser for more modest but functional models. When you decide what you’re willing to spend, you can move on to work with models that suits your needs and are within your budget.


Other Fire Pit Options to Also Consider


Lighting other fire pit options can come in handy if you need more versatility and want to put your space to ample use. Here are other ideas;

1.Tabletop fire pit:

It’s easy to misconstrue a tabletop fire pit for a fire pit table however they are different in functionality and form. Tabletop fire pits are smaller fire pit designs that are movable and can be placed on the top of a table to supply warmth to people within its proximity. It could make a great option where the gathering is large, so there’s no need to ogle around a central fireplace.

2.Fire bowls:


outdoor furniture with propane fire bowls


As the name implies these are bowls for lighting fire and serve as centerpieces that people can sit around. It could be used with various fuels, such as wood, propane, or natural gas. The heat supplied from fire bowls can be easily lost to the atmosphere but in all, they serve the purpose of supplying heat on cold days.


How To Maintain a Propane Fire Table


To get the most out of this furniture, the best thing to do is to consciously maintain the product, so it can serve you for a long time. When you properly maintain it, you’ll get quality service for the investment you made into it. This table style makes for a great centerpiece for your outdoor space and it’s a versatile option that works for every season.

There are dos and don’ts of using a propane fire table:

Naturally, it could be tempting to do certain things at the sight of an open fire, and kids could even try to be naughty while the table is in use and the fire is lit. Understanding the guidelines that go into the use and maintenance of this product will help keep you safe at all times.

Don’t put anything into the fire:

Leaves, paper, and other objects are hazardous and shouldn’t go into the open flames. There’s also a tendency to want to barbecue over an open fire. Ensure that whatever you do, try to avoid doing this, and if you must, then ensure no particle drops into your fire pit.

Observe before each use:

When you’re ready to sit around your table every other day, ensure that you don’t just light the fire table. Observe the pit for debris or particles that can make the flame go out of hand or burn without regulation.

Monitor gas supply line:

From time to time, monitor your gas supply line and exhaust system, to ensure there are no clogs in the flow of air or escape of the carbon dioxide. So, it doesn’t begin to feel choky sitting around it.

Practice seasonal cleaning:

Ensure you clean the fire table for winter if you’d be using it and in spring as well. If you have reasons to store them up for occasional use, then it weighs more on your side to maintain the fire pit, so it doesn’t go rusty.




Choosing a propane fire pit table is safe for your home. The gas is safe for use in your outdoor space and great to provide warmth for a small group of people when you sit around a fire table. There’s a lot you can do to spice up your outdoor space, the important thing is to find what works for you to ensure that you get the best fire table for your space.