What is a Side Table and Why Do I Need One?


There's no limit to what makes up your definition of comfort and style when it comes to your space, and that's why every piece of furniture counts in creating a cozy living room that's perfect for your comfort. Sometimes, it's easy to overlook side tables, bringing them in only as an afterthought, but when it comes to functionality, indoor or outdoor side tables are a great piece of furniture that helps add meaning and complimentary beauty to every other piece in your space.

Come to think of it, a small table has the flexibility you require to enjoy premium comfort in any space. Defining comfort for your space is hardly complete without a side table for indoor or outdoor use. If you have never thought about it, we're about to explore every reason why they are a must-have in the bedroom and living room.


gold glass top side table


Why Are Side Tables for Living Rooms A Must-Have?


Whatever the size of your living room, a living room side table always comes in handy for various purposes. Even if you rarely have things to place on them, probably due to your preference for a minimalist space, a side table can beautifully complement your space for accent purposes or contribute clean lines. Whether you're choosing a square or round side table for living room, based on your taste and preference, you can hardly go wrong with these functional pieces. How do Side Tables Come in Handy In the Living Room?


Flanking your couch or sofa with a side table makes it easy to have a table close by when you need one. Especially if you enjoy snacking or sipping a drink while relaxing in the living room, you won't need to stretch yourself over, to reach the center table.

Also, you don't have to pull the center table out of place each time you need a table to place a book, work on your laptop, or reach for the TV remote controls. You can also think of leaving some of your items permanently on a side table, and it won't seem out of place, but rather it would contribute to owning your living room according to your taste.


If you need a piece of furniture that can be many things at the same time and on different days, a living room side table is the perfect one. Interestingly, you don't always have to leave it by the side!

If you have to place it directly in front of you while you work away at your computer or do some paperwork, your side table is ideal for the task. More so, you may also stretch out your legs on them if you feel like slouching out on the couch or use it as an extra seat when you need to.


Side tables also help to contribute to your living room aesthetics by contributing textures, smoothness, and lines to the feel of the room. It's the perfect piece to create a balance in your decor or even out the texture of your room. Side tables could be used to display precious items and antique finds that contribute to your living room décor.

Additionally, the style of the side table you choose, will also largely contribute to the beauty of your space. Choosing small round side tables for living room can add versatility to your space, as you could use wooden designs, or a combination of would and glass for a more eclectic touch.


It's easy to overlook the core benefits of side tables for living room, but it's so essential and that's exactly why they're a must-have. Depending on the design you choose, some offer extra storage that comes in handy to keep clutter out of sight.

You could also utilize the surface area to position an item you want within reach, and you don't have to waste time looking around for them when needed. You could also use it to keep your leisure books and it also provides a sturdy surface to keep your gadgets steady instead of on the soft sofa.


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Why are Side Tables for Bedrooms A Must-have?


Make a haven out of your bedroom by decorating it with an impressive collection of bedroom side tables. Interestingly, it would also come in handy for a variety of uses to help you enjoy better comfort in your bedroom.

Choosing a side table for bedroom doesn't have to be daunting. You could use some inspiration from your bedroom decor to choose something complementary, or go all out to choose a side table that reflects your newfound taste and style. Whatever you do, here are some bedroom side table ideas to help you get started.

The Classic Nightstand:

This sturdy furniture offers the best when it comes to bedtime comfort. Low enough and within reach, it helps to have your favorite items handy without having to get out of bed. The perfect stand for your night lamp and late-night snacking, it comes with just the right storage to ensure your basic items are within reach.

It's also the perfect place to keep small items, like hair pins, jewelry, socks, and other last-minute items you need to keep or grab while in bed. A variety of nightstand designs are available in various shapes, ranging from square to round, and oval. Its leg designs can offer an additional aesthetic touch to your room.

The Modern Side Table:

Nothing beats a modern side table in all its glory. They allow you to introduce a modern flair to your room and help you create the perfect modern ambiance that you want in your room. They come in a variety of designs ranging from C-shaped stands, tapered legs, and even glass shelving. Modern side tables are designed with a combination of materials that make them breathtaking and hard to overlook.

Complementary Side Table:

Complementary side tables are like the icing on the cake when it comes to your bedroom decor. Designed to complement the texture of your bed and flanking it on both sides, you're in for the best experience. Complementary side tables are perfect for large rooms, especially if you share a bed as a couple or with a partner. Each person can have a personal side table, with each as a matching pair complementing the bed.

Country-Style Table:

Country-style side tables make a lot of difference in your bedroom as well, especially if you prefer a style that reflects country life over the urban craze. Wooden countryside tables, help to keep the traditional flair within your space while contributing texture and balance to your bedroom.


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Side Table Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Room Look Amazing


Side tables are practically functional, and there's just so much you can do with them in your bedroom or living room. You could use these side table decor ideas to reflect your taste and style, reflect your mood, balance the aesthetics of your room, or hold your most important items nearby. Here are a few ways to decorate your side table you would love.


When it comes to side table decoration ideas, candles have taken such a brilliant place, a space is hardly complete without them. It's easier to enjoy the relaxing fragrance of scented candles when they're strategically placed on a side table by your couch or bed, and it serves to decorate your side table while delivering a great function.

Vintage Pieces:

This is one of the best living room side table decoration ideas. Just show off your vintage collection and antique pieces by displaying them on a side table in your living room to beautify your space. These pieces help to add life to a dull-looking side table and even spice up your space.


Decorating your side tables with this impressive element makes a lot of difference; you could even spruce it up with extra style by using accent color cups and strategically positioning them on the side table. It will never fail to deliver a thrilling first impression to your visitors.

Reading Options:

If you need the perfect bedroom side table décor ideas then here it is. Make a permanent home for your favorite magazine or novel on your side table, and watch it become a center of attention in no time. Using it to keep your favorite books handy, will mean you won't need to leave your side table bare and lacking for use.


You could make a natural statement on your side tables with flowers. Decorate your side table with fresh beautiful picks to up your living room aesthetics, or recreate that garden-like glow and fragrance in your bedroom.

Picture Frames:

Pictures help to keep memories and moments you cherish, and one of the best ways to have them in sight is to position them on a side table. No matter how occupied you are, your eyes will definitely run over them, thus helping you to relive the moments.




A room isn't perfect until it is perfect, and a classy side table can help to achieve just that. Browse our collection of side tables for your bedroom and living room, and you're sure to find something beautiful enough to complement your taste and style.