Buying an outdoor fire pit is a worthy investment of your family. They provide you an idea about how to enjoy your winter patio, being cozy and warm. For a better enjoyment and keep them a good looking, it’s important to take care of them after using every time. Their lifespans can be prolonged if given considerable maintenance.

For the different kinds of outdoor fire pits, we give a detailed maintenance instruction here.




A workman must sharpen his tools first if he is to do his work well. Before cleaning the fire pits, you should make a full preparation at first. Following the product instruction, appropriate tools and detergent will help a lot.


 Clean Tools


Tools you will need:


Broom,consisting of stiff fibers attached to, is the most common seen cleaning tool when dealing with ashes and debris of fire pits.


To gather and collect the dash or debris from the fire pits, and also for clean conveniently. 


It’s wise to prepare two or more clothes, both wet and dry, they are the leads in cleaning project.


Sometimes, the ashes and foreign objects may stuck in small narrow space where cloth is hard to wipe. At that time, a brush can help.

Garden Gloves

For safety reasons, you must use garden gloves while cleaning the outdoor fire pits in case of hurt of hand scratching or scald.

Poker Stick

A fire poker stick, (also known as a fire iron) is a short, sturdy rod made of fireproof material. It’s used to adjust coal and wood burning fire pits, as well as protect you from hurt when stoking the fire.

Fire Pit Shovel

You can use a fire pit shovel to scoop the debris up and place it in the storage container, especially you have a wood burning fire pit. You will remain near by area clean and ready for your  next time use.


Consider the Detergent

First of all, you’d better use the specific detergent recommended by the instructions or the store you bought fire pit from. Usually the cleanser in bundle sold is the most matching one with your fire pit. But confronted with DIY fire pits, you can choose hot, soapy water. It had better cleaning ability than clear water. It’s important to read instruction carefully because it will give you the most correct guide.


MgO Composite Fire Pits


Magnesium Oxide (or Magnesia) is a material which is being widely used within outdoor fire pits. Magnesia is a versatile mineral, like cement, which has strong plasticity. But they are lighter than cement with same volume. Mixture with metal material, then its durability is sharply enhanced that can bear a certain weight. Variations in MGO fire pit possess features such as fire resistance, mold and mildew control and acoustic properties. The only one thing may need to be cautious: the MgO composite cannot be exposed in extremely cold environment, in case of pulverization.


COSIEST Sonder Round Propane Fire Pit

Sonder Round Propane Fire Pit


Clean Steps

  1. Remove the fuel away the fire pit.
  2. According to the common clean processing, the second step is to wipe the flat surface of the fire pit with warm water mixed with soap.
  3. Make sure the line connections are leak-free.
  4. Clean the burner area after totally cooling down.
  5. Put the cover on the fire pit for remaining it clean.


    Daily Maintenance

    Though the MgO propane fire pits are low-maintenance, it still require some protections.

    1.  When you don't use it for a long time, you need to put it in a cool and ventilated place, because the rain cloth will peel off because of moisture for a long time.
    2.  In the case of normal daily use, the rain cover needs to be covered when it rains, and the rain cover needs to be opened normally when it is not raining to keep the fire pit dry.


    Iron Fire Pits


    Iron fire pits are the most common seen among different kinds of them. Iron fire pits are extremely sturdy and durable, offering warmth in cold weather. But it’s a material that needs to pay attention a lot. If without careful maintenance, it can get easily rusted.

     Iron fire pit


    Clean Steps

    Before cleaning the iron fire pits, be sure it is cooling down thoroughly. It can cause severe scald if careless.

    1. Ensure safely removed ashes and debris from the fire bowl or the fire pits.
    2. Use a dry scrub brush to remove dispersedash and debris on the both interior and exterior metal surfaces.
    3. Spray soapy water with a hose on the metal surface and gently wipe it.
    4. Once you have finished cleaning your iron fire pits, put the cover on it until you use it next time.


    Daily Maintenance

    Iron can rust easily, so in order to avoid the situation, make sure to dry the surface as soon as after cleaning. In addition, move the fire pits far away from the places where they will collect excess raindrops. Some protective coatings, such as oil and silicone, are available to prevent rust development. But before using them, you must make sure whether are appropriate for the iron. Consult instructions or customer service before applying them on the surface of fire pits.


    Stone or Bricks Fire Pits


    Masonry fire pits can always attracts people’s eye’s in your house and this is one of the most popular form that many families choose. They are typically durable that can resist hard weather for many years. Due to permanent features, good cares in daily time will save you from a mess.


     Stone fire pit


    Clean Steps

    1. Wear protect gloves in case of hurt.
    2. Clean the fire pit and remove the debris, including leaves, twigs, ash, and whatever that is not belong to the fire pit. Ashes can go on smolder for days, so to use a scoop and collect them into a can with a lid until cool down.
    3. To scrub the interior and exterior side of fire pit, as well as fire bowl, by using soapy water. It is vital to keep the burner clean so that the fuel can flow through it without difficulty.
    4. After finishing cleaning, rinse with water and dry it about 48-72 hours before use again.

        Maintenance and Some Preventative Measures After Cleaning


        • Check propane connections and check all fasteners and hardware before using fire pits. It requires occasional maintenance.
        • Do not use unmatched fuel for your fire pits.
        • Never use accelerant such as gasoline–they can create can extremely hot firewhich damages your fire pit.
        • Keep all plastic stuff far away from the fire and hot surface. They will be out of shape and reek toxic smell.
        • Never use water to extinguish a fire directly. Because dramatically temperature change may crack your fire pit.
        • Apart from the permanent fire pits, cover and store the rest of them in dry and sheltered places.
        • Remember to clean fire pit accessories at the same time, they also should be kept neat and clean.




        In this article, we introduce several useful tools, methods and notice for three different kinds of fire pits when clean and maintaining. Proper maintenance and carefully cleaning can prolong their service time and save families budget.

        After introduction, you can find cleaning the fire pit is not so hard actually. Go ahead of enjoying lovely and relaxing moments with families and friends around the fire pits.