A lovely set of patio furniture expands your living space and makes a pleasant place to entertain visitors during clement weather. While a wide variety of materials are available, one of the most practical and beautiful is resin wicker patio furniture.


Take a Look to Wicker & Resin Fibers


Synthetic resin wicker


Wicker furniture has long been prized for its comfort, durability, light weight, ease of cleaning, and economics. The word “wicker” refers to weaving pliable fibers into patterns to create baskets, boxes, table, couches, chairs and more. Traditional wicker materials include rattan, hemp, and even the inner bark of some trees.

Resin fibers are a modern substance that is resistant to sun rays, rain, and even the depredations of pets and small children – although sharp teeth and claws can do quite a bit of damage if allowed to chew or claw even the toughest of resins. With that said, resin fibers are much sturdier than the older, organic types of fibers used for weaving wicker furniture and other things.


Synthetic Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture


COSIEST Hygge 4-Piece Mixed Brown Wicker L Shape Sofa Set
Hygge 4-Piece Mixed Brown Wicker L Shape Sofa Set


Synthetic resin wicker outdoor furniture is not a new concept, but the modern PVC or HDPE fibers are relatively new. Of the two, HDPE fibers are the more durable, and produce the best results. When combined with an aluminum or iron frame, HDPE synthetic wicker outdoor furniture can last many years when given good care. The sturdy metal frame will not rust or warp in wet weather conditions. The HDPE fibers are dyed all the way through with ultraviolet resistant colors, so they retain their beauty even after being out-of-doors for several seasons. The HDPE synthetic wicker fibers are even resistant to chlorine, so they are suitable for using poolside. Your grandmother might have treasured her rattan porch furniture, but not even the toughest natural rattan will survive years of outdoor use. Resin wicker, on the other hand, is water proof and weather resistant.

For best results, top the faux wicker patio furniture with cushions that are also water and sun resistant. This will help you to have patio furniture that does not require you to bring it in before every shower, and that can be quickly and easily cleaned so that it looks bright and new for that special garden party or poolside event.


Examining the 6 Benefits of Resin Wicker Patio Furniture 


Before plunging into details, let’s first take a look at the five major benefits of resin wicker patio furniture. They are:

1. Comfort

Unlike many furnishings made with synthetic materials, thanks to its woven construction resin rattan “breathes.”  It also gives slightly with the weight of the user, providing a pliability that increases pleasurable relaxation.

2. Durability

Synthetic resin fibers woven over a durable frame made from heavy-duty aluminum is a good option for sturdy seating. The fibers are sun and water resistant.


Durable resin wicker

Durable resin wicker


3. Light Weight

Anyone who has tried to move an expensive hide-a-bed couch knows the advantage of light-weight furnishings. Whether used indoors or out, resin wicker furniture has a modest weight and can easily be rearranged or simply moved for cleaning 

4. Easy to Clean

Speaking of cleaning, most wicker furnishings can be vacuumed or dusted for easy cleaning. Synthetic resin wicker can simply be rinsed off with a garden hose, or wiped with a soft cloth and some mild detergent for persistent spots.

5. Economical

The initial purchase price of a resin wicker piece might take a small bite out of your household budget, but it is usually small compared to the price of traditional overstuffed or wooden furnishings. More to the point, resin wicker is durable, minimizing the sums you might ordinarily spend on replacing home, patio, or lawn furniture.

6. Aesthetics

The weaving patterns, developed through centuries of use with a variety of materials, provide an extensive pallet of lovely choices for your living spaces. Unlike the natural rattan, synthetic resin wicker has more colors for choosing. With the addition of bright patio cushions, your wicker resin patio furniture can add a splash of color to your green space.



COSIEST Arrebol 7-Piece Grass Green Wicker U Shape Sofa Set
Arrebol 7-Piece Grass Green Wicker U Shape Sofa Set



Maintaining Your Resin Wicker Patio Furniture


Resin wicker patio furniture is amazingly easy to maintain. Most of the time, all it will require is to be rinsed off with a garden hose. Simply remove the cushions, spray it down, and it is good to go. If you are using outdoor patio cushions, you might be able to zip off the cover for washing. Cushions can easily be replaced, and can even create an opportunity for changing themes or appearance of your furniture.

Resin fibers are tough and durable. But if a fiber breaks, it is not too difficult to quickly replace it. Common areas of wear are on the arms and on the wrapped support frame. This is especially true where young pets are involved. But other problems can arise, as well, especially in a busy, active household.


Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Clearance


Sometimes a resin wicker patio furniture clearance can be an opportunity to replace a well-loved favorite piece or to add extra seating or storage in a matching or similar wicker pattern. Clearance sales are also a good time to get your first set of resin wicker patio furniture.

COSIEST wicker patio furniture clearance is going on as of time of this writing, and is a good example of some of the excellent bargains available. Savings on ordinary purchase price range from 8% to a whopping 50% on lovely sectional sets.

Even if you wind up paying full price to get the wicker patio furniture you prefer, it is still an excellent bargain. Because of its tough durability and ease of maintenance, it is likely to enhance your outdoor living space for many years.


Recapitulating the 6 benefits of resin wicker patio furnishings


Just to reiterate: the 6 benefits of resin wicker patio furnishings are:

Durable – built to last out of sturdy materials.

Light-weight—easy to move.

Comfortable—Wicker gives a little to shape to the user, breathes during the summer, and can have your favorite cushions added.

Easy to clean – remove the cushions, a simple wipe with wet cloth.

Economical – your initial purchase investment will go a long way because the furniture is built to last.

Beautiful -- wicker has many colors for choosing compared with natural rattan.


Where You Can Use Resin Wicker Patio Furnishings


COSIEST Aurora 6-Piece Warm Grey Wicker L Shape Sectional Sofa Set
Aurora 6-Piece Warm Grey Wicker L Shape Sectional Sofa Set


There are many places where you can use resin wicker patio furnishings. On the patio, of course, as lawn furniture for that open-air living space, beside the pool, and even (yes, really you can) as your living room furniture. You can purchase your wicker furnishings all at once or you can pick them up a piece or two at a time over the years as your budget allows. The latter approach will enable you to develop an eclectic collection of lovely wickerware.