Ready to redesign your outdoor patio? Your choice of chairs when setting up your patio, is synonymous with the degree of comfort you’d get in your outdoor living space. Do you want your space to be a playful area for relaxing conversations or a haven for solo time? It’s a function of the type of chair you buy. If you want to achieve an alfresco dining area where you frequently take your meals outdoors, the kind of patio chair you choose will largely determine how well you’re able to achieve that.

For most people, buying outdoor chairs isn’t exactly a walk in the park, because they seem to be barraged with so many options and ideas. If you’ve found it selecting the right outdoor chairs challenging, this guide will show you the right tips to guide your outdoor furniture buying process.


You can place a set of outdoor furniture on the balcony, and you can bask outdoors when the sun is good


Essential tips to note when buying outdoor furniture


It’s easy to select what you need in a store when you know exactly what you need, and how and where to buy it. If you’re unsure what chair fits your space or seems drawn in many directions due to too many options, this guide will help you map out a proper patio chair buying plan.

What kind of your space do you have:

It’s not enough that you have specific chair types that you already admire, you must first look at your space with thoroughness while wearing your creative glasses. You need to know how much space you have, or if you have a wide backyard or patio—you must determine how much of that is available to you for placing your chair set or how much of it would be used for relaxation.

It’s all the more important if gardening is one of your hobbies, for instance, and you equally intend to use some part of your space for that or any other hobby. Once you’re clear on the exact amount and dimension of space that you have to set up your outdoor chair set, you’ll be clear on how many furniture pieces you can bring in, what you need to have, and the best kind of chairs to buy to suit your outdoor space.

Who and how many people will use the space:

Before choosing an outdoor chair set, you must be clear about how many people will be using it, the age, and the physique of those who would be sitting in it as well. This is necessary if you don’t want to end up with a chair set that takes up useful space, or a set that’s hardly used because you’re the only one mostly home. Also, you need to do this to avoid getting a chair set that doesn’t have ample space for everyone who will be using the outdoor space, if you have a large family.

Take a headcount of everyone who will be using the space and get a chair set that’s comfortable for everyone to use. If you’ll be using the space alone or with a few people around, you can get a combination of functional and relaxative outdoor chairs, such as a bistro set and loungers for relaxation, if you have ample space for it. Otherwise, go minimal on furniture and choose flexible and versatile pieces that pack various functions into one.

Also, note that the seat must be comfortable enough for the average height of the people who will be using the space. If you have averagely tall people around you, you should go for furniture pieces that put their sitting comfort and posture in context. Also, if you have kids living with you, you might want to factor them in in your choice of chairs, or even purchase separate chair types that work for their heights and comfort.

Frequency of use and material type:

For durability’s sake think about how often you’d be using the chair set, this will influence the design and type you buy. Outdoor chair materials are often tough and strong for use under prevailing outdoor weather conditions, but you might want to be extra intentional with your choice if you want an everyday-use chair type.

Rattan or teak furniture materials are great options to work with outside for long-term use and frequency. Synthetic plastic outdoor chairs will also do great outdoors, although, they will need to be stored away when not in use. This helps to extend their life span as continuous outdoor exposure degrades the materials over time. Investing in high-quality materials for your chair set is important if you’d be using them frequently and want them to last a long time.

Design and layout:

Before buying an outdoor patio set, you’ve got to have a mental picture or hand-drawn layout of how you’ll arrange all of your chair set on your patio. This quickly helps you to filter chair types that may not blend into the flow and balance of the space, in the context of your outdoor theme and other existing factors.

If you have a green patio, it will be great if you select chair pieces that flow with the natural tone of your space, instead of one that would offset the balance. Also, a patio with a poolside for relaxation will require you to purchase a lounge chaise where you can lie solo or an outdoor rocking chair set to sit next to your pool. You always have to prioritize functionality before falling in love with the look and feel of any type of chair.

Additionally, your spatial configuration may also influence your choice of furniture design, in the sense that if you have a round or almost round shape, choosing a round outdoor sofa or chairs that could be arranged in that pattern is great. Every existing element must be brought into consideration before settling for any type of outdoor patio set.

What outdoor experience do you want:

Your choice of furniture will affect the kind of outdoor experience you enjoy in your outdoor living space. For instance, do you picture a space where friends and family sit around a fire pit and talk late into the night on cold nights and warm evenings? Or do you prefer to have your family dine out with you sitting by a fire table while you watch the beaming smiles on their faces? And if you’re the more private type who loves to be alone or keep it simple with one or two more persons, your choice of seating arrangement and furniture will also help deliver this experience.

It all boils down to what you’re looking forward to experiencing when you’re outdoors and this will inform the kind of outdoor chair set you settle for.

Maintenance and durability:

As much as we often look forward to a thrilling outdoor experience while using our outdoor furniture, you still need to consider the maintenance each type requires before buying them. Will you be outsourcing maintenance or you’ve got some time to invest in some occasional furniture wipe-downs? It all depends on you.

While all outdoor chair types could use some care and maintenance for a longer lifespan, not all types need a frequent touch and you could do with some occasional—once or twice a year—cleaning. Before you settle for any kind of chair based on your budget, research the kind of maintenance that each would need. This would help you to know what to expect and how to commit to it, so it can last long and you can get value for your money.


Your budget is as important as any of the other factors on this list. Once you’ve decided all that works for you there may be a need to improve your budget or add more pieces for your premium comfort. You should know that investing in your outdoor chairs is not a waste of money. One great tip here is to buy from a trusted outdoor manufacturer like Cosiest and you’ll be guaranteed a good ROI on the comfort and durability of every piece.

Reviews and tests:

Unless you’re buying from a completely new manufacturer, don’t hesitate to look out for reviews for the products you’re buying or guarantees from the company—that gives you the confidence of quality. If you’re purchasing from a physical location, ensure to do some physical testing, sit on it, lie on it depending on the type of chair, and ask questions where necessary. This helps you know what to expect and clear doubts on what to do, should any of the pieces get defective.


A row of lounge chairs is set up by the pool for easy relaxation




Ready to purchase outdoor chairs for your patio? Don’t just settle for anything. Make sure you look through the design and layout, your available space, consider who would be using the space, and your budget to have the best buy that works perfectly for your space and suits the style you love.