Transforming a small space into a relaxation zone doesn’t have to be a chore especially if you know the perfect outdoor furniture that works for your space. It’s easy to assume that having a large outdoor space is all that’s required to enjoy outdoor bliss with loved ones and friends, however with the right furniture set you can make magic out of your space that even people who have a larger outdoor backyard would envy.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best outdoor furniture pieces that transform your small outdoor space into a lovely retreat spot that you will always love spending time in.


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Transforming A Small Backyard: Selecting the Right Furniture


A typical small backyard space may be able to hold up a few pieces of furniture that allow you to have a simple sitting space or enough room to create an entertainment area for your pleasure. One great perk of a small outdoor space is that it affords you the luxury of a cozy intimate area, that you may not get with a large space.

However, you need the right pieces of furniture to achieve a comfortable outdoor haven. So, what are the best outdoor furniture types that work to spruce up the ambiance and aesthetics of your small outdoor space?

A Bistro Set:

When it comes to functionality and versatility, a bistro set packs it all. Dining and conversation flow smoothly with a bistro set, as it allows you some comfort to relax and have an enjoyable evening solo or with a friend, and enough room to dine outdoors. It’s perfect if you can’t achieve a complete dining area for lack of space.

The bistro set also comes in handy if you choose to do some work or study while enjoying the ambiance outdoors. Ultimately, you have a piece of furniture that serves you for leisure, work, and comfort. These sets often come with a pair of chairs and a table, so you don’t have to buy each piece separately, you can simply add an accent chair for extra seating and aesthetics if you have enough room for it.

Modular Outdoor Sets:

When comfort is pivotal, you’ve got to have the right piece of furniture to make it happen. Modular sofas are versatile pieces that offer you plush seating and comfort to the extent you need it. If you have a small space that can take up to 6 chairs, you can choose to set them up permanently or temporarily.

With a modular sofa, you can work with the number of modules you need per time, while you leave out a few to keep the layout of your patio simple and save space. You may set up additional modules when there’s a need for extra seating when guests or family members come around. Ultimately, you won’t need to worry about your furniture pieces choking up the available space, when you can store them up for occasional use.

Another beautiful thing about outdoor these outdoor pieces is that, if your backyard has an irregular area, you can configure your furniture layout to suit it. The modular pieces allow you to set your layout in a way that a regular sectional sofa may not permit. For instance, you can set up four pieces of chairs in a square pattern to face each other with a table in between. You could also use a circular or semi-circular pattern depending on the shape of your backyard.

With modular seating, you are your space’s chief designer or you may work with an outdoor designer on the best arrangement for your space. Ultimately, you have the flexibility of arranging these pieces according to what works best for you.

Side Tables:

Your outdoor setup isn’t complete without a functional side table to pair with your sitting. They add depth and versatility to your space, and they come in various designs that allow you to own the style and feel of your outdoor space. As functional pieces, most can be used to hold up a few items and also serve as extra seating when necessary. When buying a side table for a small space, durability is key, especially if you know that there’s a possibility of using it as an extra seat on a few occasions.

These tables can come in various designs, ranging from wood stump types to concrete and even steel. The material you choose will likely determine how well you can use it and the maximum weight the table can support. They also had a decorative flair to your space design.

Fire Pits:

A small space is not enough reason to miss out on the thrill of an outdoor fire source. Depending on how small the space is, there’s something that can work for you. If the space is a bit wide, a small square or circular fire pit can be great, and if you don’t want something with a large footprint, a column fire pit stands tall and supplies the heat you need to keep warm outdoors. The column fire pit only needs a small fraction of your space, without the need for additional space to store your gas tank. Most column fire pits have an inner compartment for storing the gas tank in them.

Cozy Sofa Set:

Outdoor comfort takes a different feel when you introduce plush seating into your space, depending on how wide the space is, you can introduce an armless seater or sectional sofa to minimize space consumption. You can work with a 4-6 set piece that allows you enough seating in your space including the necessary accessories to enliven the space.

A two to four-piece sofa set is also perfect for a small outdoor space. Creating an outdoor intimate space outdoor works easily when you have a sofa set that sits just the right number of people when needed. You may work with a sectional sofa with space for two to three people otherwise, you may pair two to four single-piece sofas separately and arrange them in a circular or triangular pattern.

Some versatile pieces come with storage space in the sofa frame, where you can store up your outdoor items and keep them handy when required. This means you won’t need to worry about extra space to store what you need, and you can look out for space-saving furniture if saving space is a priority for you.


Like chairs, tables are an important outdoor staple, that contributes to the functionality and beauty of your space. A variety of small tables can work well with any kind of space depending on the width of your backyard. One of the most important things that you must consider when choosing a table is the material and style of the table. Some small table designs come with various leg support types, from single-leg support to tapered legs and four-foot support. Either one you choose, ensure it works with the style of other furniture pieces in your outdoor space.

Also, that you have a small space is not enough reason to sacrifice outdoor heating, some fire tables combine the function of a fire pit that can be covered when it’s not in use, so you can have ample surface area. Aside from the fact that these some you some space on having to have a separate fire pit and table, it also saves you some cost when you purchase the two-in-one unit. One of the perks of the best small outdoor table is its ability to pack various functions into a unit with a small footprint.

Some outdoor tables also come with some storage that spaces you the hassle of buying an outdoor shelf. A table material that flows with the overall balance of your space, such as wicker, wood, or stainless steel will remain durable over years of use. Alternatively, you can work with side tables if your backyard doesn’t allow you too many pieces of furniture.


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Maximizing Furniture in Your Small Backyard


One of the important things to look out for if you have a small backyard is to choose furniture pieces that combine various functions. In a large piece, you’re free to have separate furniture units positioned in various areas for separate use. For instance, a separate chair layout for conversations and a separate one for dining. That you have a small space is not enough reason to miss out on any of these experiences. You only have to work on a furniture set that packs various uses in its design.

It's equally necessary to look out for furniture pieces that help you save space. For instance, buying a folding table and chair set makes it easy to set them up only when you need them. An inflatable outdoor pool, for instance, will serve you on specific days, instead of having a permanent pool area that you may not get to use, say for over a month.

See some of the best furniture pieces for small backyards from our collection:




Buying the best furniture for a small backyard is pretty straightforward. All you need is to know how much space you have available, and what you need out of your space, and go for versatile and flexible pieces that make it happen.