In COSIEST, a lot of 5-star products are made of Magnesium Oxide Composite. But when we mentioned about it, not all people are familiar with. The impression to people might be a nerdy chemical substance and it’s far away to our life. In this article, we will walk into the world of Magnesium Oxide, and say hello to this strange but common seen friend in our life. 


The History of Magnesium


Before talking about Magnesium Oxide, let’s start from Magnesium. Magnesium is a kind of lightweight metal in silvery white with great ductility. It’s one of the most wide spread chemical elements in the nature.

English ”Magnesia” comes from Greek “Mágnēs líthos”, which means “stone from Magnesia”. Because Magnesia is from a region of Thessaly, Greece where much of this mineral resources (Magnesium Oxide) was obtained, and the ancient Romans called it “magnesia alba”.

In May 1808, English chemist Sir Humphry Davy electrolyzed the composite of Mercury and Magnesium Oxide, he gained neptunium amalgam. After distill it, then he extracted silvery white metal Magnesia.

Magnesia was discovered by people at the first time in 1755, and its use value was confirmed in 1808. The global developing history of Magnesia has been around 300 years. 





Where is Magnesium Oxide Distributed and Manufactured


Due to its active chemical nature, Magnesium can only exist in the form of compounds in nature. Its liquid minerals include seawater, underground brine, and salt lake brine; solid minerals include Magnesite, dolomite, serpentine, talc, brucite and a small amount of other sedimentary minerals. Today’s main character, Magnesium Oxide, is the most common seen compound in the furniture industry.

Magnesium Oxide is mined from the solid mineral, Magnesite. According to public data, the global Magnesite is mainly distributed in Russia, China and South Korea. The reverses proportion of Magnesite in these three countries accounts for 67% of world’s total output.

In China, most Magnesite are concentrated in Liaoning Province, occupying 86% of domestic output. Besides, other provinces, like Jilin and Qinghai, have also been distributed. The manufacturers of Magnesium Oxide are concentrated in China’s costal regions, such as Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province. According to statistical data, these manufacturers are good at producing featured landscapes, crafts, and furniture. They have a great amount of export.


Magnesite Distribution in the World

Magnesite Distribution in the World


The Features and Benefits of Magnesium Oxide Products


There are many materials for choosing to produce art wares or furniture. But all of them have their own disadvantages. For example, unsaturated polyester resin products are toxic after burning. Concrete and stone are not lightweight enough for transportation. Solid woods are good-looking but not environment friendly. And when the prices of these raw materials went up, then, Magnesium Oxide began to come into the attention of the public eyes. It indeed is a perfect replacement.

Magnesium Oxide has several impressive superiorities:

  • Outstanding Fire-resistant Performance

Magnesium Oxide belongs to incombustible material. The melting point is up to 2270 degree centigrade. From the prospective of fire resistant time and temperature, it’s much better than concrete, even better than the steel. In the process of fire resistance, there’s also no harmful gas emitted. It is considered as an ideal fire-prove material, especially suitable for fire pits.

  • High Compressive Strength

The compressive strength of Magnesium Oxide board with the density 1.8g/cm3 is 67MPa, but compared with concrete board in same type, the figure is only 17MPa.

  • Great Abrasion Resistance

Under the same density, the abrasion resistance of Magnesium Oxide products is 3 times greater than concrete counterparts.

  • Strong Adhesion Force

Easy to adhere with wooden powder and plastic, it has more possibilities to create different appearance.

  • Low-maintenance

In normal temperature environment, it’s easy to take care. Usually, Magnesium Oxide product is all weather-resistant. Therefore, it’s super suitable to be taken as outdoor material.

  • No Pollution

Magnesium Oxide products don’t contain formaldehyde, Volatile Pollutants and Radioactive Substances. So it’s safe to human body. During producing process, no emission of wastewater, exhaust gas and solid waste. Its waste can be decomposed naturally. It’s harmless to environment.

  • Stone and Wood Effect Imitating

With modern techniques and decorative methods, Magnesium Oxide is able to imitate the effect of stone or wooden products. Their differences are so slight that our eyes can hardly tell. To some extent, Magnesium Oxide products save abundant quarry and plenty of forests.


Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide


What is Magnesium Oxide Used For in Industry


We may often hear this name in medicine field, but actually, it’s also widely used in industry field. For example:

  • Construction Decorations

With the improvements of people’s living standards, people began to have higher and higher demands to the interior and exterior decoration styles. Then, art building materials came on stage. Due to those excellent features, Magnesium Oxide plays the role of art building material perfectly. Magnesium Oxide boards are able to take responsibility of being designed and manufactured of relief wall material and relief fresco, satisfying the needs of diversified decoration styles.


  • Outdoor Furniture

As Magnesium Oxide have the advantages of all-weather resistance and low-maintenance, so it’s the perfect choice to the outdoor furniture. The Magnesium Oxide Composite element can be widely found in outdoor furniture, such as outdoor fire pits, side tables, and cabinet. Except for the artistry, the Magnesium Oxide Composite furniture is sturdy enough with a large capacity which can last long time.



MgO imitates wooden effect
Magnesium Oxide Creates Wooden Effect



  • Home Decors

Due to its strong plasticity, Magnesium Oxide is often used in home decors, like landscapes, animal or plant ornaments, wall hangings. They maximize the usage of the feature of stone/wooden effects imitating. Matching with exquisite distress technique, these home decors are great at creating an atmosphere for rustic or farmhouse style patio.


The Manufacturing of Magnesium Oxide Products


Though Magnesium Oxide is a kind of common material in the marketing, it doesn’t mean all of the Magnesium Oxide manufacturers are capable for producing qualified Magnesium Oxide products. To produce and manufacture Magnesium Oxide products, two conditions must be met: 1. Stable and qualified light-burned magnesium raw materials. 2. Scientific Magnesium Oxide formula plus appropriate manufacturing process and maintenance. These two points must be paid highly attention.

Magnesium Oxide Composite products have a confusing feature: no matter whether the Magnesium Oxide and ingredients used are qualified, regardless of whether the formula is scientific enough, the products can always be formed and solidified. At the beginning, there is nothing wrong if you only judging from the appearance of products, but their inner quality has a large gap of difference. It is this confusing feature of Magnesium Oxide composite products that brings relevant industry bad influence.

For the first point, qualified Magnesium Oxide is the foundation of products. Qualified light-burned magnesia is decomposed by calcination at 750℃-900℃. Only the substance fired at this temperature can form a reaction  with Magnesium Oxide and water in a short time. We call it “Active Magnesium Oxide”. It’s suitable for manufacturing any Magnesium Oxide products. For the second point, a scientific formula must be supported by the scientific research results published by professor Yu, which are golden rules for a Magnesium Oxide formula.

While producing the Magnesium Oxide composite products, COSIEST will always stick to four basic principles:

1. Stick to the principle of using up-to-standard raw materials;

2. Stick to the principle of using scientific formula;

3. Stick to the principle of using appropriate techniques;

4. Stick to the principle of using proper maintenance methods.

Only obeying with the chemical and physical reaction process inside the Magnesium Oxide can make the products reach the longest using time and achieve their values.



COSIEST Magnesium Oxide Composite Fire Pit
Magnesium Oxide Composite Fire Pit





Magnesium Oxide benefits can be listed a lot. Fire-resistant, non-toxic, good for the environment, sturdy and durable. It is used widely in industry and boosts the market growth. But we should pay attention to the quality of Magnesium Oxide Composite Products. Choose reliable companies, like COSIEST, would be a great choice when buying.