An ideal home is a space that provides both peace and comfort. You can own many possessions, but if you can't peacefully enjoy a good time within your four walls, then you can't claim you have enough. Comfort can be defined in multiple ways. There's safety, convenience, simplicity, accessibility, name it! In most cases, homeowners often focus on the indoor appearance of their houses. However, your outdoor space is essential.

Let’s break it down a little bit.

You can have the best interior décor and ultimately the picture-perfect home, but have you ever thought of how much a well-decorated backyard can do for you? It goes from providing a playing space for kids, hosting intimate family and friends events, a good working space, to a less noisy atmosphere, and so forth. Do you think your distant cousin will ever forget watching Spiderman: No Way Home in your cozy backyard? How much do you think your kid's best friend will be longing for your delicious barbecue during Thanksgiving?

So yes, a backyard comes in handy in many ways. Well, you're probably wondering, "This makes a lot of sense, but what can I do with my small outdoor space?" Luckily, that's what Cosiest has specialized in – transforming outdoor spaces into masterpieces. We offer plenty of outdoor furniture that can fit into any room and provide you with the comfort you're looking for.

What are some of the tips and tricks to kick off your project?


Small Outdoor Oasis


1. Treat Your Backyard Space Like Any Other Indoor Room


To start with, you have to change your mindset and consider your backyard as part of your home. However, that can be challenging for many people, especially if you don't use the space as much. That's where allocation of tasks is equally important. Let's put things into perspective.

For instance, let's consider a master bedroom. What are some of the tasks involved? You'd want a bed to sleep on. A closet or wardrobe is essential, depending on the space. You'd require an ottoman for storage, a dressing table for checking out your outfit and wearing makeup, wall art for decoration, and so on. If you consider all these things, you will get a clear picture of the kind of vibe a bedroom should give.

Equally, if a backyard space has a significant role, you'll have to consider some inputs to ensure it serves the proper purpose. A simple example would be an outdoor event. If you prefer using your outdoor space for small intimate events, barbecue is the go-to option. In this case, you'll require an open grill or a smoker for your proceedings, a small allocated area for storing the firewood, a section where people can sit down as they enjoy their pieces and beer, and a general area for kids to walk and play around.

If you go for a movie night, you'll have to consider a different set of variables. The positioning of the screen should be close to where you can draw the electricity and connect the speakers. You'll also have to get outdoor patio wicker sofas as they are conducive to the setting. Good quality pillows, several throw pillows, and fleece blankets would give the comfort needed for the outdoor movie night.

The moment you treat your backyard space like any other indoor room, it becomes easier to create an amazing space.



COSIEST Hygge 6-Piece Mixed Brown Wicker Sectional Sofa Set
A cozy and warm small backyard oasis



2. Add Some Furniture


Furniture is a necessary addition to your outdoor space. They provide comfort, fit well with the surrounding, and give a space a wholesome feeling. The type and design usually depend on the setting you're looking for. The top furniture for your outdoor space is:


Outdoor Rocking Chair

An outdoor rocking chair should be your go-to furniture solution if you have limited space to work with. Usually, outdoor rocking chairs are one-seaters because of the design and the weight they can handle. This chair is designed for total comfort and relaxation. It’s meant to provide the user with a relaxed rhythm as you get to enjoy the movements.

A rocking chair is best during summer when you want to enjoy a cold beer on a fine evening where you can enjoy the good views as the sun goes down. Some of the benefits of using Apricity White Rocking Chairs include:

  • Comfortable angles of swings– It's vital to get a quality rocking chair. This will prevent any discomfort during the swinging. If the chair is not as firm, you can fall off, injure yourself and damage the chair.
  • Quality fabric– Cosiest uses the best fabric in the market, solution-dyed poly fiber fabric, which will serve you perfectly for 2 – 3 years. This fabric will prevent the chair from fading even when directly exposed to sunlight.
  • Great design– Our rocking chair has a streamlined design that allows you to rest your arms comfortably.
  • Quality material– The entire chair is built by a durable, rust-proof, and sturdy iron pie frame. This gives the chair firmness and durability.



COSIEST Apricity White Rocking Chairs
COSIEST outdoor rocking chairs suit for small backyard



    Loveseat Sofa

    A loveseat sofa provides a whole different vibe in your outdoor space. Sofas have enough space and comfort for everyone. You can always choose the size you want, depending on the area you are working with. Many people usually avoid sofas in outdoor spaces because of the perception of the size, although there is an option to get one customized for you.

    The loveseat sofa set from Cosiest is the best you could get around, composing of two sofas and a coffee table. Its size is appropriate to small outdoor space. It's made of resin wicker, and we have an entire article about how good outdoor wicker furniture is in terms of quality and durability. It also comes in a slightly dark color, enabling it to sync well with whichever kind of them you plan to bring in.

    The sofa is also complemented with thick 4 inch cushions made of high-density foam. They are cozy enough to give you the extra comfort you require while enjoying excellent sky views at night. Our Serein Chocolate Brown Wicker Loveseat Sofa doesn't fall short of quality as it has an anti-slip feet protector to prevent it from scratching. The surface also has powder-coating that protects the metal used from rusting.



    COSIEST Serein Chocolate Brown Wicker Loveseat Sofa
    A loveseat set tailmade for small backyard oasis



    Side Table

    As you enjoy your cup of coffee on a chilly evening or your glass of fresh juice on a sunny day, a side table is essential for ensuring that your cups/glasses rest comfortably. Not only does one hold cups and glasses, but it's a perfect space with perfect size to hold group activities such as playing cards or placing your mobile phones. Sometimes, you can get carried away by the outdoor activities, and it's important to have a place where you can keep your essentials and easily access them when needed.

    The Mason Perth Round Stump Side Table from Cosiest is ideally a peace from a tree. It gives you a natural vibe as it brings in different touch of décor. It resembles a log, only shorter, durable, and free from environmental hazards. Despite its appearance, it’s made of MgO composite, which is environmentally friendly. The side table is also lightweight but strong enough to hold more weight as it can also serve as a step-stool.



    COSIEST Mason Perth Round Stump Side Table
    Mason Perth Round Stump Side Table



    3. Add an Outdoor Rug


    An outdoor rug is very necessary for your space. This is primarily because it serves multiple purposes, and it's instrumental in ensuring you keep your space neat. Outdoor rugs are used to add a cozy vibe to backyards. They can warm up your outdoor space that needs a little texture or color. It can additionally be used to protect your floor, especially from impact. If you already have existing damage, you can use it to cover up the evidence.


    4. Use Space-Saving Utensils and Outdoor Storage


    You'll ultimately need a few utensils in your backyard. This usually saves you the hassle of endless trips in and out of the house to grab a plate or glass. Are you still planning to grill some chicken for your family? Utensils used during barbecue sessions for preparing and serving the steams should be stored in your backyard. In that case, you will have identified a specific group of utensils for both your indoor and "outdoor kitchen."

    It's essential to go for the utensils that'll save on space since there aren't any cabinets to work within the kitchen. So, where should you even store these utensils? Outdoor storage for your space-saving utensils is significant. Cosiest has a coupled with wood and metal to give utmost quality.

    It has a nesting design to provide optimal storage. You can also use them as decorating pieces to form quite an ornament that speaks of the country style. These outdoor storage solutions are handmade with top-tier craftsmanship to provide the best product.



    COSIEST Verdure Decorative Vintage Nesting Wooden Crate
    Make your small backyard well organized



    5. Consider Lighting


    As the sun goes down, you'll require some lighting in your backyard. Almost every backyard has a security light, but that's not the kind of light in question. There are several reasons why you should require lighting in your backyard. Safety is among the primary ones as you can easily trip over in the dark or damage anything because there isn't enough visibility available.

    Accessibility of things is another important consideration. You'd want to grab a spoon or throw pillow quickly, and adequate light will allow you to spot where they are and quickly grab them. Lighting can also come through as decorative inputs. Similar to what many folks do to their indoor space during Christmas celebrations, an outdoor space will look glamorous if you throw in some light decorations to it.


    Creative Backyard Lighting


    6. Plant Flowers in Pots


    If full-blown gardening isn't your thing, then you can do something about it by opting for the innovative approach. There are multiple ways you could bring in flowers, succulents, or plants in your backyard. Depending on their size and shapes, you can either decide to hang them, build a shelf and rest them there, mount them on the wall, or arrange them neatly. This will also depend on the kind of vases you're using.

    Unlike the ideal garden, these are movables that allow you to rearrange them anytime you want to. They also save on space a lot.


    Hanging Flowers on Walls


    7. Extra Ideas


    You can still do a lot in your backyard as long as you can invest the time and effort to make it a marvel. Some of the extra ideas that you can use include:

    • Add a personality with patterns
    • Consider using matching materials
    • Opt for a fire pit for warmth
    • Paint the backyard oasis
    • Keep it family-friendly and functional
    • Buy colorful accessories.




    A backyard is a special place in a home. Whether it’s small or big, there are a lot of décor ideas that you can pull through to make it a masterpiece. Furniture for comfort, a few accessories for several deeds, a couple of plants for freshness, and a bit of art for the glamour are enough to transform your outdoor space. Keeping it clean and purposeful is critical to ensure that your backyard always serves you well.

    Whatever you’ll need for your backyard will depend on the intention you have with it. Treating it like any other room in your indoor space will make it easier to vest in the things required for the purpose. Ensure neatness, that you properly store & maintain the furniture and be aware of the seasons as they’ll ideally dictate the time to use and store your outdoor facilities.