An outdoor space is a valuable spot for many homeowners. You can enjoy basking in the sun for the vitamins, hosting a small family event during special holidays, thinking through the silence of the night, and if you’re into drinking and smoking, a beer or a cigarette hits differently outdoors. However, quality time on a patio is only as good as the comfort it presents.

Outdoor wicker patio furniture is the typical go-to solution if you're looking to stuff up some good décor in your outdoor space. They are durable and reliable, requiring minimal maintenance to keep their good shape. Nonetheless, a little polishing here and there maintains the quality and appearance of these outdoor wicker patio furniture.

Unlike your typical sofa, there are several dos and don’ts in cleaning outdoor wicker patio furniture. Resin wicker furniture is ideally more resistant to weather changes and moisture than organic rattan. In that regard, you'll encounter less hassle to keep them clean. You're required to keep them off direct sunlight and exposure to the elements, for starters.

When it comes down to cleaning outdoor wicker patio furniture, natural and resin wicker furniture are approached differently. The cleaning methods differ because of the material used. So how do you go about it?



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Hygge 6-Piece Mixed Brown Wicker Sectional Sofa Set



Natural Wicker Furniture Cleaning


It's easy to clean natural outdoor wicker patio furniture. There are two effective approaches that you can take.

A. Vacuuming

Vacuuming natural wicker furniture is often the primary cleaning solution for this course. However, it's only applicable if you're only dealing with dust. This is because you can quickly eliminate dust from the outdoor wicker patio furniture with a vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuuming is advisable, and using a brush attachment is recommended to remove the dust from the fissures.


B. Spot-Cleaning

If vacuuming isn't enough, you should opt for spot cleaning. This comes along if the outdoor wicker patio furniture is heavily soiled. The steps involved in this procedure include:

  1. Mix warm water and mild dish detergent to come up with a solution
  2. Using an old toothbrush or sponge, soak into the solution and scrub the affected area
  3. Thoroughly rinse the washed area using a clean damp rag or sponge
  4. Leave the outdoor wicker patio furniture to dry completely.

    Note: It's essential to allow the furniture enough time to dry completely. Sitting or putting weight on damp outdoor wicker patio furniture might cause it to sag. Furthermore, if the material doesn't dry completely, it can trap moisture that'll promote mildew growth.


    Natural Rattan Wicker Furniture


    Resin Wicker Furniture Cleaning


    Resin wicker furniture, having been made of synthetic material, requires a different approach in cleaning. Before jumping right into the procedure, let's point out a few requirements.

    What You’ll Need

    • Mild dish soap or a non-bleach laundry detergent (avoid abrasive cleaners!)
    • A soft bristle brush
    • A sponge
    • A bucket of warm water

    Optional: A garden hose, a hand vacuum, and mildew remover or goo-gone for sap, mold, or tough stains.


    Furniture Cleaning Tools


    Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Resin Wicker Furniture


    Paying attention to detail is vital while cleaning resin wicker furniture. The steps involved include:

    1. Loosen the dust or dirt using a soft bristle brush. This ensures that you get into every dirt built up in the weave.
    2. If you have a vacuum cleaner, remove the excess dust or dirt. This is not mandatory, especially if you don't own a vacuum cleaner.
    3. Soak the resin wicker furniture in water. To clear your doubts and worries – it is waterproof (fewer reasons for you to be concerned). A garden hose will come in handy for this step as it is effective and easy for the task. If you don't have one, a bucket of warm water will do. You have to ensure you get to all the outdoor wicker patio furniture corners.
    4. Mix warm water with the non-bleach laundry detergent or mild dish soap. The ratio involved is one tablespoon of the soap or detergent to two cups of warm water. Ensure you stir until frothy.
    5. Dip your soft bristle brush into the solution and lightly scrub the grime and dirt off your resin wicker furniture. The soap solution is instrumental in ensuring that you break apart the dirt and makes the rinsing part easier. Pay attention to the cracks in the weaves. The soft bristle brush should help you get into those hard-to-reach spots.
    6. If there’s any sap or mildew, you’ll require different cleaners altogether. Mildew remover is ideal for moldy spots, while grime-eliminating products or goo-gone will work magic on sticky messes such as tree sap.
    7. After thoroughly brushing the resin wicker furniture, rinsing it is mandatory. Ensure you clear all the soapy residue using a garden hose or a bucket of water.
    8. Allow your outdoor wicker patio furniture to sun-dry for about two hours.


    Note: Like natural wicker furniture cleaning, it is essential to let your resin wicker furniture dry completely. Avoid using a lot of force while pressing on the wicker slats to prevent damaging them. If you encounter any minor cosmetic damages, it's best to fix them with wood glue, let it dry, then proceed with the cleaning process. Always use a soft bristle brush and avoid letting water pool on the outdoor wicker patio furniture for a long while cleaning to avoid any unsightly stains.


    Resin Wicker Furniture Cleaning


    Cushions and Fabric Cleaning


    Pillows and cushions differentiate the best outdoor wicker patio furniture from the rest. Outdoor furniture cushions bring color, design, texture, comfort, and style. They are what transform resin wicker furniture into exceptional masterpieces. However, they are equally vulnerable.

    These outdoor furniture cushions are subject to wear and tear when exposed to the elements. The fabric can gather oil spillage, debris, tree sap, dirt, mildew, bird droppings, and other additional outdoor stains. This presents an urgency to learn how to properly clean outdoor furniture cushions to keep your patio area comfortable and fresh.


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    Apricity Wooden Paint Rocking Chairs


    Cleaning Cushion Covers

    Some outdoor furniture cushions come with their covers. This type of cushion is ideal for most users, especially if you want to save on the hassle involved in cushions and fabric cleaning. There are two approaches to cleaning cushions covers. They include:


    Method 1

    You’ll need a handful of equipment to facilitate this cleaning method. A garden hose or bucket of water, soft bristle brush, sponge, vacuum cleaner, and mild dish soap or non-bleach laundry detergent will come in handy for the job. The steps involved are:

    1. Remove the cushion covers from your outdoor wicker patio furniture
    2. Loosen the dust or dirt from the covers using the soft bristle brush
    3. If you have a vacuum cleaner, remove the excess dirt
    4. Appropriately mix the water and mild dish soap or non-bleach laundry detergent to form a solution
    5. Soak your sponge into the cleaning solution and gently clean off the dirt from the cushion covers
    6. Use the soft bristle brush to get rid of any stubborn stain
    7. Rinse them off using a garden horse or a bucket of water
    8. Hang-dry the for about an hour.

      Method 2

      If your manufacturer advises you on using a washing machine, this can be a simpler way to clean your outdoor furniture cushion covers. You can toss them directly into the washing machine with the right type of soap or detergent and machine spinning control. This will entirely depend upon the instructions given by the manufacturer. Follow each to the latter for the best cleaning depending on the kind of stain you're dealing with. It would be best to allow them to air-dry completely before storing or dressing them on the outdoor furniture cushions.


      Outdoor Cushion Cover Cleaning


      Cleaning Outdoor Furniture Cushion

      Some resin wicker furniture cushions don’t come with removable covers. This will force you into taking a different approach to cleaning the outdoor furniture cushion. Cleaning outdoor furniture cushions without removable covers should be done on a solid outdoor space such as the deck or patio to avoid creating any new stains on the cushions.

      So what will you need?

      • Soft bristle brush
      • Borax
      • Garden hose
      • Vacuum cleaner
      • Dish detergent
      • Bucket of water
      • Clean cloth or towel.

      The procedure involved for this task is:

      1. Vacuum all the used debris. You might want to use a brush attachment to be effective in this step.
      2. Mix water and dish detergent to create the cleaning solution
      3. Using the soft bristle brush, scrub off the stains from the cushions
      4. Use the garden hose to rinse the outdoor furniture cushions. Ensure you entirely get rid of the cleaning solution and avoid a pressure washer as it might damage the fabric
      5. Hand-squeeze out any excess water and use a clean cloth or towel to blot the fabric of any excess moisture
      6. Allow the cushions to air-dry completely.

      Note: Depending on the current season, sometimes you might have to store your outdoor furniture cushions. This is usually advised because of the outdoor environment's harsh weather. Cushion and fabric cleaning is encouraged before storing these outdoor furniture cushions and before putting them up on your resin wicker furniture when using them. However, you can skip the latter if you keep them in a clean and moisture-free area.


      There are different cleaning solutions to use on the outdoor furniture cushions depending on the stains you’re dealing with:

      • For grass stains, use a liquid detergent
      • For mold or mildew, use undiluted distilled white vinegar
      • For oil stains, use baking soda or cornstarch
      • For tree sap, use powdered detergent.


      Outdoor Cushion Cleaning


        Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Care

        Outdoor wicker patio furniture is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is durable and requires less maintenance. However, this isn't a reason to neglect this investment if you want to keep your outdoor space as fresh and comfortable as possible. It would help if you thought of doing several things to maintain the quality and state of your resin wicker furniture.

        Proper maintenance of your resin wicker furniture will bear several benefits. You’ll enjoy:

        • Prolonged service
        • Less cleaning required
        • Long-lasting quality
        • Minimal repair costs.

        Some of the ways you can care for your outdoor wicker patio furniture include:

        1. Ensure outdoor wicker patio furniture completely dries after cleaning. This action will prevent any formation of mold or mildew that comes from moisture accumulation. It also prevents any bad odor.
        2. Only use the recommended cleaning agent. Consider the cleaning agent you use on the outdoor wicker patio furniture. It's highly recommended that you use mild dish soap or non-bleach laundry detergent or any other cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. In some cases, using different cleaning solutions for different stains, but only as advised by the manufacturer.
        3. Put covers on outdoor furniture cushions. Covers on outdoor wicker patio furniture cushions will prevent the dirt from directly settling on the surface of the cushions. This will act as a barrier and avoid staining on the cushions. It also makes cleaning much easier.
        4. Pre-treat the resin wicker furniture before use. It's essential to treat your outdoor wicker patio furniture before use. You can rub linseed oil evenly on all sections of the furniture. You should also wipe off any excess oil. This is recommended for natural or unpainted wicker furniture. It's meant to provide the outdoor wicker patio furniture with a warm glow.
        5. Always rinse thoroughly while cleaning. Rinsing is critical when cleaning, especially for outdoor furniture cushions. This will eliminate all the cleaning solutions that might cause damages to the resin wicker furniture if left settling.
        6. Store in a conducive space. Where you store your outdoor wicker patio furniture during bad seasons is crucial. Ensure they won't be exposed to any moisture or dust. It would be best if you covered them appropriately to prevent the latter.
        7. Frequent inspections of the resin wicker furniture condition. Routine check-ups on the state of your outdoor wicker patio furniture are important. This will help you notice any damage, broken pieces, or snags present. It allows you to repair the damage early enough before it becomes more challenging to handle. Multiple DIY solutions will provide quick fixes for the problems.
        8. Think about top-ups. Resin wicker furniture is usually finished with a coat of varnish or paint. However, this can deteriorate over time, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you touch up after a couple of years. This will reduce the vulnerability and exposure to moisture.


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        Aurora Warm Grey Sofa



          An outdoor space is safe for many homeowners as it presents unique memories and experiences. This has been possible through the continuous service delivery of the outdoor furniture perfectly laid out on the space. Outdoor wicker patio furniture is the best you can get for your outdoor space. However, they come with a set of rules and regulations to ensure that they serve you for long.

          So when are you ordering your resin wicker furniture? Reach out to COSIEST for the best outdoor furniture solutions!