Patio furniture, like indoor furniture, is designed to bring class and style to your outdoor space. Investing in patio furniture requires attention to detail and proper planning that allows you to consider all the important factors before buying the best and most durable outdoor furniture that suits your space. If anything, you don’t want to spend on furniture that would need to be replaced often due to exposure to intense weather.

That’s why the most durable patio furniture often comes at a high cost, and the investment is often worth it. In this guide, we explore the durable outdoor patio furniture that you can invest in for a great outdoor living experience with your loved ones.


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What makes the most durable furniture out there?


Durability in a piece of outdoor furniture is a function of design, materials used, and attention to detail in the production. Some materials like wood, rattan, and aluminum have a long durable life when used in furniture design. If you’re seeking to buy durable outdoor furniture for your patio, here are important things to look out for.

The context of use:

How you intend to use the furniture matters much in your decision-making. For instance, if you intend to keep the patio furniture out all season, you must go for highly weather-resistant furniture that can stand the test of time.

Alternatively, if you intend to store them up for use occasionally or during specific seasons of the year, you may settle for durable patio furniture that fits such a situation and won’t cost as much as the all-season patio furniture. Your environmental dynamics, location of use, and how you choose to use the furniture—with or without shade—will help to determine the kind of durable patio furniture to settle for.

Furniture type:

All outdoor furniture pieces have varying degrees of use and application; hence their durability margin varies. Tables are generally designed to be sturdy, but the longevity of the furniture will be determined by the material used in its design. A glass-top table, for instance, will serve for long-term use outdoors longer than a wooden table might.

A cushionless chair may outlast a cushioned sofa over type, but the comfort that comes from relaxing on a cushioned chair is absent when you go for them. This is to emphasize that the durability of any material is a function of the functionality of the piece of furniture and the individual materials that come together in its design.


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The most durable patio furniture and their materials


As explained earlier, durability is a function of materials and elements combined to design a piece of outdoor furniture. Additionally, intentionality with care and maintenance is also an important factor when it comes to durability. That two people bought a piece of furniture at the same time doesn’t mean that one would last as the other. It still solely depends on the manner of usage and maintenance that applies in both situations. Let’s take a look at some of the most durable patio furniture materials to go for.

Patio Furniture Designed with Hardwood:

Wood is timeless and gives your patio a natural and inviting feel. Hence many durable patio furniture pieces are designed with hardwood like teak, oak, acacia, etc., to ensure its longevity. These wood types are characterized by their tough resistance to harsh weather conditions, and when infused into the design of a piece of furniture, they tend to be durable and last a long time. Consistent maintenance can make it easy for these pieces to last even longer after years of use if you’ll consistently create time for oiling or sanding.

Wood, especially teak, is often used in the design of some of the most durable outdoor patio furniture. Here are some examples from our collections:

Steel-Framed Outdoor Furniture:

Furniture pieces designed with steel are durable and often have a long life of use. They may be heavy and difficult to move around but will last years of usage without you having to worry about rust. When buying steel-type furniture, look out for galvanized steel or stainless steel, as they are highly weather resistant and do not rust.

If you don’t fancy moving furniture around when the season or weather changes, you might check out this furniture type, as it will be a great investment to consider. Despite the durable property of steel, it corrodes when it comes in contact with chlorine, so keep them away from the poolside or use a finish of powder coat if it’s unavoidable.

Steel is often used in the design of some of the most durable outdoor patio furniture. Here are some rust-resistant powder-coated examples from our collections:

Foam, Fabric, and Cushioned Furniture:

Cushioned furniture pieces are mostly as durable as the cushion material used in their design. If you have to change the cushions of your outdoor patio sofa frequently, it’s either they are not durable enough, or you’re not maintaining them rightly. Durable cushioned sofa seats should have great seams that don’t loosen and wear out from the friction of seating on them.

Also, the fabric should be breathable and water-resistant such that you don’t have to deal with a smelly or moldy cushion over time. It’s important to pay attention to the maintenance instructions for your outdoor furniture cushions. Some are designed to be stored indoors in rainy weather, while others will fair well under wet conditions. If you use a piece of furniture with cushions to be stored indoors, like those that are designed to be all weather-resistant, you’ll be ruining the durability of such cushions.

Foam and cushions are often used in the design of some of the most durable outdoor patio furniture. Here are some durable examples from our collections:

PE Synthetic Resin Furniture:

These furniture types are machine-engineered and are used to mimic natural materials that may not be able to survive outdoor weather. A common example of this design is rattan furniture used to mimic natural wicker furniture which is best used indoors. Rattan furniture is used to design a wide range of garden furniture and is highly durable and inexpensive to purchase. These types of furniture are often the best for outdoors as you don’t need to worry about storing them indoors in rainy weather.

In most cases, they have galvanized steel or aluminum frame that makes them strong and steady even under windy condition, making them impossible for wind to blow over. They are pretty much easy to install and don’t require excessive maintenance to keep them in the best shape. One impressive fact about outdoor rattan furniture is that you’ll always find something that suits your space size and budget. They’re the perfect options for all-year-round use, and to add an extra layer of protection, using furniture covers when they’re not in use equally extends their lifespan. In terms of aesthetics, they add a country-style glow to your patio that makes it a favorite part of your home.

Here are some durable synthetic resin wicker furniture examples from our collections:


Some outdoor furniture pieces are now designed using composite concrete with a mixture of resin and fiberglass for durability. Unlike in the case of natural concrete, which is equally of sturdy build, durability is not guaranteed, especially when it is exposed to wine, vinegar, or intense rainy weather, due to its porous nature. Composite concrete furniture last longer in various weather conditions and can also give your space the natural touch and feel that comes with natural concrete.

Here are some durable concrete furniture examples from our collections:

Tempered Glass:

When it comes to table surfaces, tempered glass designs are highly durable and classy. Forged under the toughest conditions, they are designed to keep strong even under intense weather exposure, and they would not crack, fade or break. Whether exposed to excessive rainfall, cold or extreme UV OR high temps, they remain durable and stand the test of time. They’re mostly combined with other durable materials such as wood or steel for frame or support. Once it’s cleaned and properly maintained, you’re sure to have value for your money when you purchase tempered glass furniture.

Here are some durable tempered glass furniture examples from our collections:


The patio sofa and fire pit show their beauty in the sunlight




Buying durable outdoor furniture is pretty easy once you’ve considered your budget, regional weather, and how you intend to use and maintain them. The best durable outdoor furniture pieces are those made of wood, galvanized steel, and synthetic rattan. Other furniture material types will be as durable as you intend to maintain them continuously. Check out our collections to explore some of the finest and most durable pieces of outdoor furniture that add beauty and class to your space.