Rectangular Fire Glass Guards a unique design, fit nearby your fire pit, and assists to block the breeze to settle your fire and enjoy a steady flame.

Square Flame Guard helps to block the blaze from blowing around excessively, probably inducing damage. Clear Tempered Glass also helps as a security barrier while enhancing the beauty by reflecting the fires on the glass surface. Fire Pits Wind Guard with polished sides are heat immune and composed particularly for their fire pits and drop-in fire pit burner pans.

Flame Glass Guards are formed tempered, protection glass with elegant edges and easy to join aluminum fire-resistant brackets. That offers dependable protection for children, family, and guests from flame.

  • Unique design.
  • Fit nearby your fire pit.
  • Offers dependable protection.
  • Helps to block the blaze from blowing around.



Material: Aluminum

Product Size: Wind Glass: 36 X 10 X 6 inches

Set include: Glass Wind Guard X 1